Happy New Year from the ASPCA

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 3:45pm
Thank you

Because of you, we were able to accomplish so much for abused and homeless animals this year. From shutting down dog fighting rings and puppy mills to deploying widespread disaster relief, your support has allowed us to improve the lives of countless animals across the country.

We are grateful for and humbled by your unwavering commitment to animals. This short video is a thank you for all of the work you make possible—please enjoy it.

From our family to yours, have a healthy, happy new year.

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Rebecca Rens

They give unconditional love.


Hello, I started a petition to hopefully, finally put a stop to animal abuse. Please sign my petition and share it with all of your friends.


It is so sad that every year innocent souls are killed by puppy mill owners. my friends and i are writing a book to help support shelters and rescue groups and we are trying to raise awareness about how they treat the animals.


Just saw your commercial on TV. Did not like it. What are you thinking? Using Silent Night to sell your animal care was unacceptable! That song is reserved for far better situations and religious focuses.

Kayci Jett

Sorry I'm eight and would like to help but I can't help I'm so so sorry I can't help.


Does ASPCA allow text messages sent to them to report a case of abuse or mistreatment of animals


Dogs are the best but not when they are hurt.: (

Bob Shoebox

I think it was too dramatic but that is true it is bad how the way people treat animals.

donald sutphin

whats wrong using a song for animals ? if you got time to critize the song ,how about you donate to the cause.1 month ago i was told my boxer has 3-9 months to live and you are upset over a song.try congestive heart failure for your loved seems maybe animals are not your cup of tea. here our goverment gives and gives ,why no give to what needs it most.our own people and animals ,there is no better love than what you get from a cat or dog or any pet.if i were rich i would not hesitate to give.

Sheila Holyk

THIS is the ad you should be showing on TV. People would respond just as well, if not better, to seeing the success stories that have occurred because the ASPCA has been there. I give regularly b/c I believe in what you do, but how many people just turn off the TV ad that is currently running? Everyone I work with does. Maybe a new strategy for a new year? Follow a specific animal from beginning to end; show this video; show the good you're doing, not just the harm man is inflicting. Just a thought...