Happy International Rabbit Day!

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 11:30am
Red and white bunny laying down

Tomorrow, September 28, is International Rabbit Day, dedicated to arguably the most adorable animal with two ears!

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that they are also one of the most neglected animals. More often than not bunnies are only thought about during Easter-time festivities, but the range of cruelty they face never takes a holiday. From being slaughtered for their fur, farmed as food, used for product testing, and hunted for sport, bunnies endure endless cruelty.

Even rabbits kept as loving pets are regularly mistreated by being kept outdoors. Although an outdoor hutch has been the traditional housing for a rabbit, today we know better. A backyard hutch forces these social critters to live in unnatural isolation. Rabbits may be quiet, but they are extremely social and crave interaction. Another heartbreaking fact is that rabbits are very vulnerable to predators, and if frightened, can actually die from heart attacks!

Looking to adopt a rabbit this International Rabbit Day? Check out the House Rabbit Society’s extensive list of rescue groups across the country. 

baby rabbit napping


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