Happy Ending for Bulldog Spike

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - 2:15pm

Spike, the 11-month-old English Bulldog whose brutal beating was caught on camera phone, is on the fast track to happily-ever-after. After multiple surgeries and an extended recuperation time, the ASPCA is thrilled to have placed Spike in a home with an experienced pet parent familiar with taking care of animals with special needs.

Due to the overwhelming attention his case received, Spike's new mom prefers to remain anonymous—but rest assured folks, she is overjoyed by the new addition to her family. "Spike is doing fantastic," says mom. "He's such a big mush and I'm completely smitten."

Apparently, Spike's new pup-brother Petey is, too. "The two of them hit it off right away," she declares. "Bosom buddies, they are always together and you can tell that their friendship has really helped Spike regain some of his confidence."

Aside from his spirits, little Spike's physical condition has improved as well. "Spike will probably always have difficulty seeing and walking," explains his new mom. "But that doesn't stop him from getting around—he's full of that great puppy energy!"

Spike's former owner, Maria Aguilar, is expected in court on April 12.

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