Gusto and Niu Niu: Two Peas in a Pod

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 11:00am
Black and white cat

When Shakira H. decided to bring home a feline companion from the ASPCA Adoption Center, she thought it was best to take her time. Having recently lost her beloved Tabby, Brooklyn, whom she adopted from the ASPCA, Shakira wanted to spend some quality time with the adoptable cats to find the perfect fit.

“The ASPCA representatives were helpful and patient,” Shakira says. “I went to the Adoption Center for a whole week just visiting and trying to make the right decision for this lifelong commitment.  The staff worked with me, listened and understood what I was looking for in a cat.”

After plenty of time and thought, Shakira ended up with not one but two kittens. She named them Gusto and Niu Niu.

“Gusto and Niu Niu were the ideal pair,” Shakira says. “They were exactly what I wanted: a young, bonded pair. They were adorable, playful and friendly.”

It’s safe to say that these lively kittens are keeping Shakira on her toes.

“Gusto, Niu Niu and I are still adjusting,” she says. “They are very playful and curious, as any 6-month-old kittens would be. They are also fast learners. Their antics keep me going and put a smile on my face.”

two cats hanging out together

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Thank you, dear Shakira, for caring so very much to adopt these 2 precious little angels, Gusto and Niu Niu. Which is which? Is the beautiful baby white kittie sleeping? They put a warm smile on my face, too. I am so sorry that you lost your beloved Brooklyn, but your new kittens will bring you twice the love and beauty and fun. Blessings to all 3 of you! My adored, shelter-adopted cats and I celebrate you.

Toni Settle

May God bless you and keep your kitties safe and healthy.

Lorry Clark

What a great gesture - not one but two lives saved and trustfully, geared for a wonderful life w/you and w/each other - trust the number of adopters like you increases exponentially!

Howard K

My 2 adopted kitties send their best wishes to your pair and send best wishes and a uge Thank You to you. We recently adopted a bonded pair that even the folks at the shelter never thought they would be able to adopt them out. The female was quite anti social and the male was becoming that way. My wife and I had lost our 2 cats last year and wanted to try to fill our broken hearts. When we heard the story about these two 2 year olds thathad gone from one foster family to another and never took, we decided to give them a shot. Well, here were are 6 months later and we just finalized their adoption. With lots of patience with the female, Lady not only changed but now loves to spend her evenings watching T.V. on either of out laps.or playing fetch with me and her ball. The male, Pride, took over the house the minute he got here and loves to play with any string or rope he can find. They are are joy and have brought so much love to us.

Jerry H

Congrats on your new family members. Your life long commitment will bring you the most devoted love one can ever want. Good luck to you.

Laurie Marshall

I think adopting sibling cats is the best for everybody.

Paula J

I adopted litter mates 6 years ago, Sis and Beau, and have never regretted it. They are the sweetest.
I know you will enjoy these two as much as I have mine.


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This story breaks my heart.


Best decision for all three. Beautiful cats and a great Mom make for a wonderful family. Enjoy your time together.


I think it was so sweet of those two kitties to decide to rescue you! They are the best! Hugz!!!! You make me wnat to go home and hug my cat right now!