Get Our New Toolkit and Help Stop Dog Fighting

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 11:00am
FIR team member with dog rescued from a dogfighting raid

Do you wish you could do more to help end dog fighting? You might be surprised by just how much you can help—especially when you use the toolkit the ASPCA developed with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Initially created for law enforcement, Dogfighting: A Guide for Community Actiongives you the tools to recognize the violent crimes of dog fighting in your community.

We know that sometimes the hardest thing about getting involved is figuring out where to start. Our toolkit will teach you how to build an animal task force in your community, demonstrate ways to partner with local law enforcement, and even provide useful tips on how to handle the animal victims involved.

You can download the full toolkit to combat dog fighting free of charge here. Also, please consider taking the free, self-paced online course Combating Dogfighting, which accompanies the Toolkit. Without your compassion and willingness to take action, our struggle to end dog fighting would be that much harder—thank you!

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Melanie Arrieta

I clicked on both "toolkit" links and the redirect showed no search results.

Dale Martin

I've clicked on toolkit and got

Search Results: Your search did not return any results.

Gonzalo cisneros

Great information with the courses. Ignorance is the mother of stupidity. Regards

E. Gaston

Few things are as fundamentally evil as animal fighting. Please pester your local, state and federal lawmakers about getting tough with these sociopathic bottom-feeders. Only putting pressure on them will accomplish anything. This cancer must be eradicated from society.

Marie Moseley

Please Stop Dog Fighting, Let's help the authorities, help our community to report any suspicion help the senate to pass the Law/Bill to stop dog fighting and animal cruelty. Is it too much FOR US TO GIVE THEM "LOVE"?????????? why be BAD if we have a heart that give's us life? Let's give these Dog's LOVE AND LIFE! NOT KILL OR BE DEAD! PLS. HAVE MERCY? GOD BLESS YOU ALL. THANK YOU

sue parris

it breaks my heart that people do this to dogs it's just so sad for the dogs that have to go threw this


This makes me feel so sad & sick. After they get out of jail, these people should be required to do go through compassion training, anger management and then do community service at animal shelters.


I think you should have to experience the same things that they made the animals experience them all to chain spots in the heat.


sadistic cruel act has been called a sport by those actually enjoy it. I have 2 apbt that are sdr (Sporting Dog Registry) and came from Garner they are Chinamen bloodline and the sweetest most gental dogs i have ever cared for. I never knew anything about APBT or dog fighting until my husband brought home a 5 week old black American Pitbull Terrier I call him Lei Yun. He told me this was one dog that was saved from cruelty and death. A month later Glo, Lei's sister, joined our family. It's been 3yrs and we have fostered and found permanent loving homes for over 30 pits. 1 person can make a change imagine what 100,000 could do.


maybe people should be dogs for a day and let the dogs hurt them