Get Our New Toolkit and Help Stop Dog Fighting

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 11:00am
FIR team member with dog rescued from a dogfighting raid

Do you wish you could do more to help end dog fighting? You might be surprised by just how much you can help—especially when you use the toolkit the ASPCA developed with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Initially created for law enforcement, Dogfighting: A Guide for Community Actiongives you the tools to recognize the violent crimes of dog fighting in your community.

We know that sometimes the hardest thing about getting involved is figuring out where to start. Our toolkit will teach you how to build an animal task force in your community, demonstrate ways to partner with local law enforcement, and even provide useful tips on how to handle the animal victims involved.

You can download the full toolkit to combat dog fighting free of charge here. Also, please consider taking the free, self-paced online course Combating Dogfighting, which accompanies the Toolkit. Without your compassion and willingness to take action, our struggle to end dog fighting would be that much harder—thank you!

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This is relly afuwl to see


These dogs/puppies, are abused, injured and killed. These dogs don't get shots, vaccinations and veterinary care, so they usually have/contract MAJOR diseases.

Janet Burgess

Please, please, ,please stop this horrific, barbaric behavior. I love all animals and they deserve our help.

janina goldman

Please, let me know, how can I help to stop this animal cruelty, the owners of dog fiting should go to jail. Send me any form to submit requst to my state oficials. Janina

Chris Granillo

This can’t be allowed to continue without impunity to anyone participating in dog fighting. With dog fighting being a felony in every state, all indications are that many penalties being handed down from the courts for dog fighting convictions are nothing more than inconveniences to the offenders. It’s long past time for, not only dog owners, but everyone to GET INVOLVED and do what we can do to pressure our appointed lawmakers to strengthen the laws against dog fighting to include mandatory prison time and stiffer fines for anyone is acting as a breeder, trainer, promoter, merchandise vendor, or witness to the dog fighting industry. This activity is not only a twenty-four hour a day nightmare for the dogs, but a cancer that requires complete removal. Please text, write, E-mail, or call anyone you feel can help end this horror. Without getting involved this will never end. PLEASE HELP..

julie Goulart

People who fight dogs are nothing but COWARDS! SICK COWARDS!


I think all the people how put dogs through this should go to hell


it makes me really sad just to know that lots of animals are suffering in this world... I think all the people how put dogs through this should burn in an animal lover nd i will do anything for them...

Emerita Brito

They are our best friends. Making money that way is from COWARDS AND INHUMANS!!

Melisa warfield

I hate hearing or seeing about dog fights. I'm in school right now so I can be a vet tech and help all animals. I personally have a pit bull terroir and I love him as much as my kids. People that live around us are scared of him but they don't know anything about him. He is very loving and playful. He is great with my kids and my three cats. I want to get another one once I get a job so he has a playmate. I would love to work with the ASPCA one day. I hope one day pit bulls are loved by everyone.