Fresh Starts for Doxies Born into Hoarding Situation

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 12:15pm
Fresh Starts for Doxies Born into Hoarding Situation

Earlier this year, the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department received a tip that a New York City woman was living with a large number of dogs. When Agents arrived at the woman’s home, they found more than 50 Dachshund adults and puppies.

It was clear the owner needed help, and that the ASPCA’s pioneering Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) program was best suited to assist.

A team of five professionals that includes a social worker and case worker, CIA aims to stop cruelty before it starts. A large part of the team’s work is intervening in hoarding situations to assist both the animals and the people involved. CIA’s groundbreaking, holistic approach to these complex and sensitive cases both improves the welfare of animals affected and helps prevent hoarders from acquiring more animals.

Participation as a CIA client is voluntary, so it’s essential that the team ensure clients feel comfortable asking for assistance. In this case, says CIA Director Allison Cardona, “the owner had reached a point where she was very overwhelmed by continuous litters and wanted help—initially just for spay/neuter—but as we engaged with her and established a relationship, she admitted to being overwhelmed by the number and expressed interest in giving some of the dogs up for adoption.”  

The client agreed to initially surrender 21 dogs. “Despite her desire to reduce the population, it's still very hard for her to part with the animals, and it's a slow process,” Cardona notes.

All 55 dogs received spay/neuter services, wellness checks, vaccinations and other veterinary care as needed from an ASPCA Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic, the ASPCA Animal Hospital and our partner veterinarians. Some of the adult dogs will receive ongoing behavioral treatment from ASPCA behaviorists. Fourteen of the Doxies surrendered were puppies who headed to the ASPCA Adoption Center to start their new lives. There, they were spayed and neutered, received treatment for infection, and soaked up lots of socialization. Soon after they became available for adoption, of course, the puppies were quickly snapped up by qualified families.

In the coming weeks, the very grateful owner will surrender another wave of dogs, and the CIA program will continue to work with her to ensure the welfare of her animals.

“Our cases stay open for as long as is needed,” says Cardona. “We form lasting relationships and continue to check in and provide services beyond the initial intervention.”

Fresh Starts for Doxies Born into Hoarding Situation

Stay tuned to the ASPCA blog for more information on this case, including photos of the puppies in their new homes. For now, we hope you enjoy these happy adoption pictures of some of the rescued puppies starting their new lives. We sure did!

To learn more about the complex issue of hoarding, please visit our Hoarding FAQ. To see more adorable adoption photos, check out our special Facebook gallery.

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Thank you to all the wonderful adopters of the absolutely adorable dachshunds!! I loved looking at these photos and seeing the sweet little dogs with their new, caring, loving families.

sherry hawn

As someone who has been owned by 5 mini dashchunds over the years I am saddened to know that these creatures suffered at all, but very grateful for your intervention. I feel for the hoarder too --something painful triggers this syndrome. Can't wait to see the forever happy homes these pups deserve - post pix please and thanks for all you do!!

chris claus

so happy that these pups found great homes! would have loved to have helped and given one of these lil' ones a home....sorry i didn't hear about it earlier...we have two doxies at home and they are our loves, couldn't imagine any living the way these pups had to live..

David Zaccagnino

Why doesn't the ASPCA work with the legal system to have psychos like this crazy woman institutionalized?!?! She's clearly mentally impaired and is probably a menace to society as well. We don't need psychos like this woman walking/living amongst us!

Nancy Balaban

I would love to adopt one of them. Please email me if there is any way I would be able to adopt one of those precious babies!!

Reba and Maggie Mom

As the mother of 3 doxies, 2 of which traveled to me
from South Carolina and Texas though your rescue efforts.
I have great admiration for anyone who asks for help.
Your program is great and the ASPCA is making great strides
to help people who just become so overwhelmed by the love
that it becomes abuse. Congratulations to all.
A Northern Ontario Canada puppy mill resuce Mom


Thank you for rescuing these amazing doxie pups. I have a chiweenie myself and he's absolutely amazing. He brightens the rainest of days. Thank you for all the work you do.

Amber Galey

Thank you for the work you do. I know that those animals are greatful for your love an support. They may not be able to express it the way humans do, but I know they are blessed to have a new start in life with loving caring families. I can tell they are going to have alot of love and joy and will never have to worrry about anything ever again.

I am a dog owner and I would hope that if I ever had to surrender my dog, GOD forbid, that she would go to a wonderful loving home. Because that's what she deserves. All of these animals deserve that and should have that.

Again thank you for your tireless rescue and care of these animals. I know that they are much happier because of people who cared so much about their well being.

Gave me a much needed warm fuzzy feeling on a Friday morning to see this story and pictures. Kudos to all involved. I love the ASPCA's approach to education being key in cruelty prevention.

Roseann Sorrentino

looking for a dachshund puppy from the ASPCA. We are in the Southern Dutchess Area of the Mid Hudson Valley. I would just be assuming if the owner was an animal hoarder that most of them were indoors. Would love to have a visit with them nearby.
Thank You