Former NYPD Blue Screenwriter Arrested for Allegedly Killing His Dog

Monday, June 18, 2012 - 5:00pm

Shame on you, Ted Shuttleworth. The former screenwriter on the acclaimed television series NYPD Blue has just been arrested by ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Agents for beating his Toy Poodle, Lola, to death.

The 51-year-old is accused of striking his four pound dog in the face causing massive brain injury.

“This is a clear case of inexplicable brutality against a tiny helpless animal victim,” says Stacy Wolf, ASPCA Vice President and Chief Counsel for the Humane Law Enforcement Department. “The necropsy established in graphic detail that this dog died a violent death.”

Shuttleworth was arrested on Saturday by ASPCA Special Investigator Paul Romano. His next court date is July 26 in Queens Criminal Court.

Animal cruelty is a crime in every state. And one of the most important actions you can take is to report suspicious behavior. Visit our Report Cruelty FAQ to learn how. 

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Hannah Jayne

And they say dogs are the animals?


Unfortunately all this guy will probably get for his punishment is a slap on the hand. Sentences and fines for abuse against animals is not near as harsh as it should be. I hope our judicial system wises up and fixes the problem soon.


Can you imagine how scared that poor dog was? Shame on him. If the dog was too much for him , just give it away!


Can you imagine how scared that poor dog was? Shame on him. If the dog was too much for him , just give it away!

B.L. Everett

Words cannot describe the way I feel about this scum of the earth Ass. Please don't refer to him as an animal, animals only kill for food.
May He Rot In HELL!!!


Ssriously I wish they would beat him to death! I hate ppl like this no animal should have to go through any abuse they r innocent n have no voice of their own ppl need to grow up n realize that they r pathetic thinking they r big n bad beating an innocent animal its like beating a child get over urself!


That man is sick. If he didn't want the poor thing, he could have done something allot better than that to her.

Jc Rodriguez

I know it's not right, but I would love to beat the hell of this thing called human, It's inhumane, make me sick,poor little thing to suffer from the one she love the most, if I could I will cut his hands off........... despicable person........ i have so much rage against this people...


I agree, and out judges suck......cummunity service bull shit.Look at Vick once again a big hero . Humans stink.


What a pathetic excuse for a human. Such a man that he has to beat up on his little 4 pound dog. What a total a**hole. That poor little dog probably suffered a miserable, fearful life if this is how it ended. What a horrible, hateful man. I hope he gets what's coming to him. What comes around goes around.