Florida Must Answer for Appalling Record of Greyhound Deaths

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 4:00pm
Sad greyhound

Of the 21 active dog tracks in the U.S., more than half (12) are in Florida. Florida law requires dog tracks to report all racing-related deaths, and an analysis of these death notifications from 2013 reveals that on average, a Greyhound died from racing-related injuries every three days in Florida last year.

With assistance from the ASPCA, Greyhound protection group GREY2K USA created a report, “The Final Lap,” that summarizes last year’s devastating deaths at Florida’s tracks. The report was released today at a joint press conference held in Tallahassee, during which ASPCA Vice President of State Affairs Ann Church and several state legislators called for the passage of a bill to protect Greyhounds.

Watch GREY2K USA’s new video on dog racing in Florida:

If you live in Florida, you can help—please visit to urge state lawmakers to eliminate the mandate that requires gaming facilities to hold dog races.

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Loriann Felmey

The state has known about this for years and will never do anything about it unless the racing industry stops bringing in money for them. I've seen first hand what has happened to some of these dogs when I lived there. They don't care about the hounds at all. And I am part of a greyhound rescue. If there aren't enough open foster homes to take in retired dogs at the end of the season, a lot of them get put down and sometimes in inhumane ways. It's very sad.


Has any one beyond Grey2k been able this replicate this data, beyond the ASPCA who simply takes Grey2k data verbatim? A group independent and unbiased, state officials, federal officials, someone?




ALL races are on video taken by the race track. A copy goes to the Florida Department of Pari-Mutuel Wagering. I believe this is made public record.


"replicate the data"?? the data is submitted by the tracks themselves to the State as required by law since last year. the numbers are not in dispute.


I do not believe any dogs should be used to race. Florida should e ashamed of themselves!


I love in fla..this is shame on us...this shouldn't be going on here...we pride at least most to being family place to go and family means dogs...stop this stuff in the state I love....poor babies.......


To Mark & Greg,

Both obviously ignorant rednecks trying to justify a reality that has been observed and reported by many groups for years. Yes the ASPCA euthanizes animals. Unfortunately, many pet owners are irresponsible and abandon or abuse their pets. These individuals shouldn't be allowed to have animals. Unfortunately there are plenty of children in this country that are also subject to abuse.

For those who feel the need to protect the integrity of a dying industry whose time in the limelight has long passed, get a life. Abusing animals to support gambling is irrational and inhumane. I have to assume that those who defend it view these living creatures as property that can be handled and managed the same way as an old pair of shoes. Unfortunately ignorant, inhumane individuals are allowed to flourish in this country until they step over the line. It's the price we pay for democracy.

Too bad the animals can't speak for themselves, or perhaps turn the tables and have these inhumane humans race for money and stay locked up in cells all day that they can barely move around in. And should they break a leg or tear a ligament while making their required runs, just euthanize them to save on medical care and rehab.


Amen to that!!!


"a Greyhound died from racing-related injuries every three days in Florida last year."

That is a flat out LIE. These "groups" you speak of, animal rights radicals who will stop at nothing to further their agenda. These dogs don't live in "cells all day that they can barely move around in", give me a break. The ASPCA, PeTA, HSUS all would prefer to see ALL animals dead, including the beloved family pet, than let humans have them. Dogs die every day from natural causes, including racing Greys, and ALL athletes can suffer an injury. Have you ever even been to a racing kennel? When are you people going to start doing your own research instead of believing every negative thing you see and hear? These groups are NOT about helping animals.