Florida Must Answer for Appalling Record of Greyhound Deaths

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 4:00pm
Sad greyhound

Of the 21 active dog tracks in the U.S., more than half (12) are in Florida. Florida law requires dog tracks to report all racing-related deaths, and an analysis of these death notifications from 2013 reveals that on average, a Greyhound died from racing-related injuries every three days in Florida last year.

With assistance from the ASPCA, Greyhound protection group GREY2K USA created a report, “The Final Lap,” that summarizes last year’s devastating deaths at Florida’s tracks. The report was released today at a joint press conference held in Tallahassee, during which ASPCA Vice President of State Affairs Ann Church and several state legislators called for the passage of a bill to protect Greyhounds.

Watch GREY2K USA’s new video on dog racing in Florida:

If you live in Florida, you can help—please visit to urge state lawmakers to eliminate the mandate that requires gaming facilities to hold dog races.

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Diane Lampe

I have owned many greys, why do people even go to the tracks - even horse racing...HATE IT

diane jake

I agree wholeheartedly.....disgraceful


instead of taking their word for it, do some research. You will find that those that have race kennels, love their dogs and after they have stopped their racing careers are petted out to adoption agencies to be adopted into loving homes as pets. Retired racers make wonderful pets.....if you want to do some, adopt a retired racer and give it the loving home and life you think they deserve unstead of talking about it


Your comment is not completely accurate. Though there are some kennels that seek adoption of their retiring dogs they also do not hesitate to destroy those injured while racing when the vet bill to repair them will be high. All one has to do is spend some time around a race track to see this for their self. There is no one who can say that greyhound racing is about being humane, it is a money making venture or people would not be in the business.


These people who want to see dogs racing are complete IDIOTS!..Get a freakin' life..OR JOB


How sad they have no life other than race. And they use them they are killed. This must stop!


I am in favor of dog owners reporting deaths and injuries be penalized and pay huge fines for not taking care of their dogs when they are hurt. Also, to keep them comfortable in the holding pens, and let foster people keep them in loving homes while they get ready to race. Then, rather then euthanize them, pay to place them in their forever homes, and all Their Vet expenses as long as they live. If they don't do that, take their license away.

Barbara Stacey

I have lived in Florida, and now a frequent a protector of animals. I CANNOT SUPPORT and lawmakers need to ban Greyhound Racing from continuing at the plight of the dogs. These are domestic animals. Not wagers in off track betting! These are devoted and gentle pets, that want nothing more to be a companion and enjoy the sunshine on their muzzle. They are kept in dark cages, so that when they are let out....they run, and run, and run. It is savage, and just as inhumane as animal testing! Florida.....wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and STOP GREYHOUND RACING!!!!

Toni Ellen

I had never given this practice much thought since I live in NY State...I find this appalling...It sickens me to think of the abuse animals must endure at the hands of heartless human beings...Here's where the government should stick their noses...


I have 2 rescue Greyhounds and they are wonderful companions.
I have had dogs my whole life but greyhounds are a special loving
and eager to please dogs. My son also has a rescue grey. is a great agency here in South Carolina.