Five Reasons Why Old Dogs Rock

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 11:00am

You know it’s true: Senior dogs are the best. As much as we can’t resist puppies, there is something about an old pooch that really makes our hearts sing. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’re counting down the top five reasons why old dogs rock.

1. What you see is what you get. Older dogs are open books—from the start, you’ll know important things like their full-grown size, personality and grooming requirements.
2. Seniors are super-loving. Adopted dogs already in their golden years are devoted and grateful. They create an instant bond that cannot be topped!
3. They settle in quickly. Older dogs have been around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack. They’ll be part of the family in no time!
4. Seniors enjoy easy livin’. Couch potato, know thyself. Consider adopting a laid-back canine retiree rather than a high-energy young dog who needs constant monitoring.
5. They’re CUTE! Need we say more?

Did you adopt a senior dog? Tell us about your elder states-pooch in the comments below.

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I adopted an 8-year-old dog 5 years ago. Still going, just a little slower and greyer. We bonded immediately! He has never given me a lick of problem, and I adore him.


My 2 adopted rescues (older dogs) are certainly not couch potatoes! They thrive on going to the park and following their sniffers (both hounds). Just because they are older does not mean they just want to lie around the house. I don't believe they had ever been to a park in their long lives, and now as seniors, they go 4-5 times a week. They have a new lease on life, and they seem to know it! Older dogs DO ROCK!!!

Richard Andrews

After being without a dog for nearly eight years we decided we were ready again. We had 3 criteria: 1. Shelter dog. 2. At least 5 years old. 3. 30-40 pounds. Two years ago, we found Emma at the Brighton Animal Shelter - a great organization. She met all the requirements and then some. We think she's a beagle-lion mix. She is a great traveler, flexible and adaptable, loves other dogs, and is wonderful with people. We often wonder who benefitted most from the adoption - Emma or us. We think we all came out equally well.

sue wheataley

Just adopted a 10 year old hound from a shelter in West Va. What a joy. She is so sweet and lovable and a couch potato. Who knew she would bring such joy into my life. I'm a senior too so we get along just fine.

Kathy Kormos

I adopted two senior dogs 2y yrs ago and everyone asks if they are puppies. Jenny is 16much and Junior is 13. I am a senior too, and the love is as strong as when we were all in our prime. Regular vet exams is one reason for their vitality.

Kathy Kormos

I adopted two senior dogs 2y yrs ago and everyone asks if they are puppies. Jenny is 16much and Junior is 13. I am a senior too, and the love is as strong as when we were all in our prime. Regular vet exams is one reason for their vitality.

Pat Mollohan

We took in an older dog two years ago. Her name is Molly and she is a golden retrieve. She was 11 when we got her. Owners really just didn't want to be bothered anymore with her and they were going to take her to the shelter, where due to her age and hip issues we were sure she would be put down. Needless to say Molly is thriving and just loving being with us, and three other dogs!!! We are so blessed to have her in our lives. We all love you Molly.

Brenda Reynolds

My family took in a elder pitbull that had been neglected her whole life. And what a perfect little angel. You couldnt aske for a better fun loving quite little dog. She is loving, she is house trained,likes walks and gets tired much quicker then my 1 yr old pitbull. I actually am looking forward to my 1 yr old gettnig older. We had to put alot into getting Miss Zena health, but she has been worth every minute of it. She also never messes with the cats or her chihuahua brothers. It been awsome.


I have two senior DOgs, My Sammy is 11 and Alfie is 8 or 9. I was fostering Alfie and fell so in Love with him that I adopted him. These two Boys are my best friends. Even though they are seniors they dont act like it. They Love to go on walks when its not to hot out and get so excited when we pull up to the park. We spread out our blanket and stay at the park for a couple of hours, walking around meeting new people and pets. I cannot even imagine my live without my two boys. I will now only foster the Dogs that are the oldest and that have been at the shelter the longest, They are so darn greatful, and its like they know that you saved them and are so darn greatful. I Love my Old guys and I know they Love me.... Yes, senior Dogs do Rock

Jean Doby

I adopted a mini doberman after she had her last liter of puppies. She is old and getting fat. I have a fenced in back yard so she has plenty of room to roam. She was ready to be put down when I got her and she has really bonded with my 3 other small dogs and my brother. She does not like to be out of sight of my brother. She is the most loving and caring dog I have ever seen and still has some spunk to her. My bro and I love her so very much.