First Dogs from Three-State Raid Head for Adoption!

Friday, May 3, 2013 - 3:45pm
Red pit bull playing with orange ball

We recently heard from Tim Rickey, ASPCA Vice President of Field Investigations and Response, about how the dogs rescued in a three-state dog fighting raid are doing.

Today, we’re excited to let you know that the very first six dogs from the case are being transferred to animal shelters for adoption! That means they’re one step closer to finding loving families.

Three of the dogs will go to Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri.  Two are going to the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita, Kansas. And the Kansas-based Great Plains SPCA is receiving one dog. These ASPCA partner organizations each sent volunteers to help out at our temporary shelter, and these lucky dogs will be heading home with the volunteers.

For legal reasons, the rest of the dogs rescued in our three-state raid remain in our care at a state-of-the-art temporary shelter, where they’re receiving lots of love and care, too.

Stay tuned to for updates on this case.

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The perious angel in the picture is smiling Thank you ASPCA I hope the people get what they deserve and more. I do have comfort in knowing they will one day!!!


All I can say is YEAH!


I'm so glad that ASPCA is there to help these dogs.


Beautiful! Thank God for the ASPCA and their partner organizations. They give me hope in humanity. These dogs are beautiful, and their faces radiate the goodness of their forgiving souls. I wish them all the happiest and most loving of forever homes. May their abusers rot in Hell!


You are so right, their faces show the forgiveness they so willingly give even when they are treated so poorly by such awful, sick people. And yes, the abusers need to rot for a infinity in Hell!


Thank goodness we have people dedicated to serving these animals who only want the love they deserve. So thrilled for these little angels.


Thank you ASPCA for saving these precious babies. I am sickened by what they were put through. These pictures can show people that they are NOT born killers and that they can be so forgiving with alittle love.


Please keep the scum's from having dog fighting rings and keep up the good work in helping everyone of these fur babies. It's not their fault they end up in the wrong hands of scummy people. They all deserve a second chance at life, and to know what true love is about.