Feline, P.I.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 2:45pm
Close up of tabby cat with green eyes

A playful cat with a unique name at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan found a loving home with plenty of human and cat companionship last month. Tom Selleck’s adopter shared the following story with us:

Tom is doing wonderfully well and I am extremely happy to have him in my family. I decided to adopt Tom because he was recommended to me and, when I met him, he was perfect. I adopted a cat from the ASPCA about five years ago, and I was impressed by how much the staff knew about each animal.

I was looking for a playmate for one of my cats who is very active. I went in without any preference for my new cat's age, gender or type—what was important was personality. Tom was the first one I saw. He was not afraid to approach me and, when I held him, he was already climbing all over me. Just like the other cats I've adopted, I was able to make a quick connection to him. Somehow I knew he was the one.

Tom has two older cat sisters and an older cat brother. He adjusted very quickly to his home. I was going to keep him in one room, separated from the others until he felt comfortable, but when I left the room for a bit, his older brother opened the door and let himself in. When I came back, they were already sniffing each other and getting comfortable. Now Tom and his brother are almost inseparable. They sleep together on top on me.

As long as Tom is happy, anything goes. His happiness makes me happy—I love him so much. I am extremely thankful to the person who introduced me to Tom.

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