Farm Animal Abuse—How You Can Help

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 11:00am
Chickens at a factory farm

This month nine states are considering legislation to criminalize the documentation of animal abuse on farms. “Ag-gag” or anti-whistleblower bills prevent the exposure of photos or video showing the unethical and often highly unsafe practices that all too often occur on industrial farms. This kind of evidence has recently led to cruelty prosecutions, massive food recalls and industry reform. The ASPCA is working hard to make sure these dangerous bills do not become law and you can help by reaching out to your representatives.

There is a reason that footage of farm animals is controversial. The vast majority of U.S. farm animals are raised on factory farms in filthy, overcrowded ammonia-filled sheds. They lead short lives full of suffering and frustration, are bred for unnaturally excessive growth and production, and are regularly dosed with antibiotics to compensate for their wretched surroundings. They also, way too often, are subject to cruel and depraved acts of violence.

The good news is that awareness of farm animal welfare is on the rise in all sectors: among consumers, farmers, legislatures, retailers, prosecutors and even food corporations. Better treatment of farm animals has simply become an ethical imperative, and the ASPCA is on the scene, educating the public, fighting for stronger laws and supporting more humane farming practices.

To learn more, check out our updated and comprehensive web pages containing lots of information on farm animals. You’ll find useful information on animals raised for food, what’s wrong with factory farming, and great resources for making a difference, including how to make more welfare conscious food choices.

We’re thrilled to be your go-to source for farm animal information and encourage you to get educated and engaged to help billions of animals.

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Theresa Garbarino

Please stop this heinous cruelty to these poor defenseless farm animals.

Liz Coronella

Cruelty to animals wether to those for food or pets is never humane.

Shari Yard

When we start protecting people that are abusive and inhumane to promote the almighty dollar we know this world is headed for trouble. What is next? Are we going to punish those that witness abuse in a day care, nursing home or school and report? You cannot turn a blind eye when you witness something that is wrong. These animals feel pain and fear and they have the abiliy to suffer so they need to be protected. Get these rotten humans out of there and convict them. Allow cameras and taping so they can be protected!!!!

Liliana Espejo

Lets stop this

Lara Phillips

Humans should be punished for causing suffering on those who do not have a voice!!



Kris wells

Cruelty must stop! All animals deserve respect and humanity!!


Please protect animals. We can all help by not buying any meat or animal products. Go VEGAN!!! Do it for the innocent victims. Let's have compassion for all animals!!!

Mindy Blas

All animals have feelings, have a heart!

Sandra Lincoln

This is just insane that this is allowed to go on and on. Please know that ALL creatures have the right to a humane life. This must be stopped!!!