Famous Pups: ASPCA Adoptable Dogs Shine on the Today Show

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 11:30am
Three adoptable ASPCA dogs featured on the Today Show

Lights, camera, action! If you watched NBC’s Today Show this morning, you probably saw a segment featuring three newly famous ASPCA adoptable dogs: Wishbone, Nautica and Bam Bam.

These adorable pups made their TV debut for a segment with hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda, and taste-tested homemade dog meals from veterinarian and talk-show host Dr. Katy Nelson. They were joined by U.S. slopestyle ski competitors Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper—recent gold, silver and bronze medalists, respectively.

All three dogs are at our New York City Adoption Center waiting to find their forever homes. If you’re in the New York City-area and are interested in adding a furry friend to your family, view our adoptable dog profiles here!

Not in New York City? Check out our shelter database to find adoptable animals near you

Famous Pups: ASPCA Adoptable Dogs Shine on the Today Show

Update 2/24: Great news—Nautica and Bam Bam have been adopted! Wishbone is still available at our New York City Adoption Center.

Olympians holding three ASPCA adoptable dogs

Olympian holding ASPCA adoptable dog

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Yes, a big thank you to all involved. Let's get to Sochi and have a spay and n eute program for all these sweet and innocent animals. Mr. Putin how can you be so cruel?

Nasrene MacDonald

I am glad to see these pups rescued, but I wish the ASPCA and public would also shed light on the appalling plight of dogs in this country, abandoned and trapped in "High Kill" shelters, whose only freedom comes with "euthanization"! Gassing, heartsticks, injections! Healthy, adoptable, stable dogs! Unfortunately, neither the ASPCA speaks up enough for demanding change on how we deal with the overpopulation, urging building no kill shelters and banning puppy mills! Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, has promised to build new shelters but now that he's in office, not another word on the subject!


Don't let the missing leg fool you, I have a three legged dog and she is amazing. Runs, jumps and gets around just fine.

Deb E

I would seriously be concerned about rabies in these dogs - possibly just harboring it for now. And how sad that they will get all the great PR while native US dogs are over looked & go unadopted.

Greg Smalley

Deb, read the article carefully, these 3 pups ARE "native US" dogs, they are NOT Sochi dogs.

Lisa Pisano

As wonderful as these guys are for coming and posing with the dogs from the ASPCA, what about the dogs and cats at the ACC? Why are they the forgotten canines and felines of New York City???????? Their lives are the ones that are being snuffed out every single day; they're the ones who could've used mass media exposure........


You're right. The animals at ACC need as much publicity and help as they can possibly get. Their plight is often desperate. Are you listening, folks in charge of ACC? Are you listening, public relations at ACC?


How adorable are these dogs? I hope they have all found homes. There are unfortunately so many others just like them You should post this segment on YouTube so it gets more coverage! Great story, Great Olympians! Great ending?


So glad there were at least a few Olympians who tried to help sochi's dogs. I hope Gus was able to bring the pups he found back to the US. I boycotted most of the Olympics this year over this issue but my daughter left the TV on one evening and it just happened to be the slope style skiing! So glad Gus won the silver medal. He's a gold medalist in my book and that of those pups!


This is a fabulous, heartwarming story. It's great to know that kindness exists in many hearts.