Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 11:45am
Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Confine, medicate and mass-produce: This is the basic operating strategy of America’s factory farms, and it’s very bad news for farm animals. Today the ASPCA is releasing a new animated video that tells the chilling story of how modern, industrial agriculture practices defy common sense and cut corners—and how the industry follows that up by pushing for state laws to hide the rampant animal cruelty.

 “Ag-gag” bills are attempts to criminalize efforts to investigate illegal or unethical activities—like animal abuse, food safety violations and unsafe working conditions—taking place on factory farms. Ag-gag legislation is sweeping this country like an epidemic, with almost half of all states having proposed these unconstitutional bills that would punish those who would speak truth to power. The ASPCA is fighting to block these bills wherever they appear.

Help us by watching the video, signing this anti-ag-gag petition to your state lawmakers, and sharing both with your friends!

Whistleblowers have brought to light horrendous cruelty and sickening conditions on factory farms. The American public deserves to know where our food is coming from, and the ASPCA is committed to improving the lives of farm animals—but these fundamental protections can’t be achieved  when it’s a crime to simply expose the truth. It’s time for lawmakers to stop protecting Big Ag and start supporting American values like transparency, a safe food supply and animal welfare. 

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Evi Seidman

Hi Anna, This video is remarkably "watchable." It tells the truth about what we know is the reality inside the hideous factory farms but animation does it with 1-step of abstraction! The video makes it possible to visualize the insanity and inherent secrecy of Big Ag's methods, and so it is possible to "get it," to be informed and persuaded. Please share it with others!

Suzanne Horsburgh

Put these abhorrent factory farms out of business...Go Vegan...or at least vegetarian.

Over a life time what will be the consequences, to your health, of imbibing the everything you eat?

marjorie kinne

where was PETA at the Nevada round up of cattle by helicopter in 90 degree weather separating the baby calves from the mothers and no drinking water? Also shooting 2 bulls when confined in corrals? Then the emvironmentalist on all those turtles being taken from there normal habtat?

Mike M

these farm businessmen are very evil people

Christine Cotton

Humans disgust me in the way they can brutalize and torture an innocent animal.
First of all, you have to be a low life to take a job in one of those places so that you can abuse the animals. People who work in slaughterhouses and just "do their job" get desensitized after a while. The people who torture the animals were sick individuals before they worked there....this is their outlet to commit sick crimes....and the governments are trying to pass laws to stop the public from finding out about these atrocities! This country should be ashamed of itself and how it allows its animals to be treated. The almighty dollar is the reason behind all of it....turn your head....take some money, or some gift....and you're willing to close your eyes to what is going on. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!


We must not allow big Farma to be supplying us with our food. This country needs to demand humane behavior which Big Business refuses to adhere to. It's about their stuffing their pockets with money made from torturing defenseless animals. I was lucky enough to have the nuns at St. Timothy School explain to me that an animal died to give me that hamburger I was throwing in the trash. She made me realize that I had a responsibility to the Earth and the animals in this world. We are a package. We can ignore our responsibilities and our children and children's children will pay the price. By allowing these wealthy global titans to control the food in this world, we are giving them the power to control us. Monsanto is trying to take control of the food grown in this world and since our meat supply is being threatened by the contaminating things they do to our animals, our children will be eating dirt and bugs and rodents like several of the third world countries. Absolute power corrupts even the best human beings in this world. We need to take back our power from these mega-maniacs that have bought absolute control from many of our legislators.


We must stop the cruelty. Mega-money has no place in our food supply. This is one thing that we can control state by state. With ALEC and their tentacles taking over our country by transferring power to the states that are in the control of their influence, we will have 50 Governors telling us what to do and not do. What to eat and not eat. Is that what we want? We must take back our states by EXERCISING OUR RIGHT TO VOTE. We must stop the huge influx of money to our legislators and Governors. Governor Rick Perry defends the use of 'pink slime' in our meat. I'd like to see him eat one meal with 'pink slime' in it. WON'T HAPPEN. McDonalds adds ground worms to their 100% beef and only God knows what is in Taco Bell meat. What exactly is that 12% of Taco Bell meat that they won't tell us.

Evi Seidman

I choose my food with a "conscientious vegetarian" approach: organic, grass fed dairy products, free range anything and everything, native and local, fair trade, heirloom, hand-loomed, un-bleached, re-used re-cycled re-processed, energy and water conservative, local local local! Vegan would be "nice" but it doesn't support enough of burgeoning local farming with appropriate sustainable often traditional food production. I choose to be part of the solution through adaptation rather than "skip the problem" by being vegan. By acknowledging that our food production problem is cultural and economic I consider vegan to be about supply-demand and not just a matter of personal dietary choice. I believe that we have a food revolution to conduct and we can't do it as vegans because it's not possible to gather critical mass of the populace.
Declining personal wealth will do a lot to add beans and rice to the American diet while subtracting meat. But drought, floods, forest fires and earthquakes, crop pestilence and disease plagues, wars and trade wars will cause disruptions and shortages and subtract many more foods from our dinner plates. Indeed, "the times they are a changin'"... and vegan's just another word for nothin' left to eat! -- you're nothin' if you don't eat! Local communities will become extended farm families again and healthy food will become America's new "dream of a common language." So, friends, see you soon in the fields and at the food co-ops! Keep smiling... remember, compost has a great sense of humus! Chow for now! Evi

Marliese Bonk

We are no longer a civilized society but a greedy, over-sated, fat and ugly polulace that slaughters 1 Million animals every hour to satisfy our disgusting need to indulge in meat - 265 chickens are killed every minute - so that we can all die from heart disease, diabetes and obesity and contribute to the wealth of ruthless agri- businesses that feed us hormone-infused, over-medicated flesh so we become resistant to antibiotics and croak from infections. We have only ourselves to blame for electing effete, corrupt lawmakers and for tolerating mayhem on every level!

Jaime Perez

I have always hated factory farms. There is no call for such cruelty and abuse towards animals. I don't understand why workers think it's okay to be so heartless toward the innocent animals. Yes, I am vegan-I don't want to contribute to the suffering of animals. I wish these hell holes would just be shut down forever!