Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 11:45am
Factory Farming Video: The Brutal Basics of Modern Farms

Confine, medicate and mass-produce: This is the basic operating strategy of America’s factory farms, and it’s very bad news for farm animals. Today the ASPCA is releasing a new animated video that tells the chilling story of how modern, industrial agriculture practices defy common sense and cut corners—and how the industry follows that up by pushing for state laws to hide the rampant animal cruelty.

 “Ag-gag” bills are attempts to criminalize efforts to investigate illegal or unethical activities—like animal abuse, food safety violations and unsafe working conditions—taking place on factory farms. Ag-gag legislation is sweeping this country like an epidemic, with almost half of all states having proposed these unconstitutional bills that would punish those who would speak truth to power. The ASPCA is fighting to block these bills wherever they appear.

Help us by watching the video, signing this anti-ag-gag petition to your state lawmakers, and sharing both with your friends!

Whistleblowers have brought to light horrendous cruelty and sickening conditions on factory farms. The American public deserves to know where our food is coming from, and the ASPCA is committed to improving the lives of farm animals—but these fundamental protections can’t be achieved  when it’s a crime to simply expose the truth. It’s time for lawmakers to stop protecting Big Ag and start supporting American values like transparency, a safe food supply and animal welfare. 

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I could not agree more with your statement. The politician need to stop getting kick backs for Big Ag businesses. These factory fas are not just ruining the animals lives when they enter into them, but it is killing the land and people around the factory farms. We need to ho back about 50 or so years and start relying on each other as a community to feed ourselves. This may be the only with to stop funding these farms.


I tried going vegetarian and couldn't do it. Alhamdulillah, my religion demands that food animals be treated humanely from birth to death, in halal fashion. Animals are antibiotic free, cage/pen free, grass fed, when grain is necessary, it is vegetarian, hormone and steroid free. Halal slaughter doesn't allow any other animal to see the one being slaughtered, because it would put stress on them. The animal cannot be handled in a rough way or frightened in any way at all. The blade being used must be as sharp as you can make it and the cut that severs the jugular, esophagus, and carotid must be as quick and deep as possible, putting the animal into shock and killing them as quickly and painlessly as possible. That is halal slaughter, and so it is the only kind of meat I will eat. I get my beef from a buy-in from a local responsible person through my masjid. My chicken I get from a local organic "chicken guy" (I don't know what you'd call him), and one of the husbands at the masjid does the slaughtering himself. I buy eggs from a local farmer, organic and cage-free. Milk I'm having trouble with (I can't stand soy milk or coconut milk, but I'm trying to adjust to almond milk). Consider I still eat/drink these things, my religion and my own conscience demand that I contribute to these horrible industries as little as possible.


Unfortunately, the masses do not care nor do they want to know what goes on behind the walls of factory farms. We can "preach" all we want, but people in this country are too privileged to understand the horror and suffering endured by their prepackaged meat, eggs, dairy, etc. I remain pessimistic in our modern day society where all of our food is conveniently packaged and placed on shelves. People are too busy working to have their luxuries (massive homes with massive utility bills, vacations they cannot afford, etc.) to spend any time viewing what really happens in this world. Maybe it will take an apocalypse before "they" will see how their daily lives are contributing to the suffering of innocent animals AND people. I try to pass the word on to others but many will not listen because it is "disgusting". Well, wake up people and stop living in your "dream" world. Life is pain for the majority of life on this planet due to HUMANS...


I am 65 years old and a college instructor. I am also an animal activist. Teaching a course on the environment gives me the opportunity to teach about factory farming and the horrific effects it has on the environment, but my real love is the animals. I want young people to see for themselves what our species has the power to do to other species - with the blessing of a corrupt government system that passes laws to protect the evil. So, I spread the word to young people who I pray will wake up and join the fight for right. Many thanks to all those who are already talking the talk and walking the walk.

Ginnie Hanley

People need to be aware that when animals are abused,their bodies are producing hormones to/adrenaline that is going into the meat and milk. These are not good for people to ingest. If they are not bothered with the abuse, they should at least look at what its doing to the food. People are bad animals--abusive and wasteful. For Shame.


I cannot believe I live in a world where people are so heartless, so lacking mercy that this kind of suffering is nothing more than an increase to their profit margins. One day everyone will be held accountable for their actions...the ones that perpetrate this kind of cruelty will find themselves in an inescapable situation, too.


The unfortunate side effect of big ag business running our government. The poor animals now have no protection and yet the abuser have protection by law. What a said state of affairs we are in today. I hope one day in the near future small livestock farmers can take back to market and push large ag businesses out. Is there any hope for this to come true. Any thoughts?