Elsie: Love Is Ageless

Monday, November 25, 2013 - 3:15pm
sleepy dog

When Liz D. went to the Orlando SPCA, she wasn’t expecting to leave with a dog.  But Elsie the pit bull was special—a 10-12 year old girl who proves that senior pets can be the perfect addition to any family. Celebrate the end of Adopt a Senior Pet Month with their touching story, as told by Liz:

About two years ago, I was recovering from the loss of my senior German Shepherd. I found myself on the Orlando SPCA website when the photo of a senior pit bull caught my eye.

When I called about “Baby Girl,” I was told she was in the infirmary for kennel cough, and I couldn’t see her for two weeks. When I finally went to the shelter, I expected to meet her and leave.  Instead, she came home with me that day! A few days later, we changed her name to Elsie.

Elsie is incredible! From the moment I got her home, it was as if she had grown up there. She is smart, funny, and so loving and sweet. I trust her with ALL my dogs, cats and livestock.

Elsie is between 10-12 and has elbow dysplasia, so she has difficulty walking and getting up. But I am so grateful that I got the chance to adopt Elsie and I have never looked back. Seniors are awesome. She has a “been there, done that” attitude, is housebroken, and is just a perfect dog!!!

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Liz, kind people like you give me so much hope and joy. Thank you for adopting senior Elsie and for giving her such a beautiful, loving, caring home. I wish you and Elsie and all your wonderful animals long, blessed lives together in peace and mutual love.


Good for you! You gave her a new chance and a new life. It's people like you that make this world a better place to live.


Good that you got Elsie! I was noticed one other thing. You said that you were recovering from the loss of your German shepherd. Ostensibly finding a new one is just a trivial incident but actually it teaches the most important lesson of our life. When we lose something, the vacuum is always filled with some thing better.



It's so sweet to know that she will get to live the remainder of her life being loved and adored just like she deserves. This makes me look at getting a senior pet differently.