Ed’s Corner: 'Happy Tails' for a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 10:00am

We may celebrate different traditions during the holiday season, but most of us share the desire to connect with family and friends at this time of year. And by “family and friends,” I certainly include all of our beloved animal companions.

The ASPCA has an adoption center in New York City where our dedicated staff works to find homes for thousands of dogs and cats each year. I love hearing “happy tails” about abandoned animals who find their forever homes.

One of these “happy tails” involves Cee Cee, who was adopted as a puppy and then returned to the ASPCA Adoption Center when she was 1.5-years-old. Cee Cee’s siblings, Marvel and Bubbles, were also adopted as puppies. Sadly, Bubbles was returned to the shelter just as Cee Cee had been. Marvel, however, lucked out—when his adoptive family found out that his sister, Bubbles, had been returned to the shelter, they made room for her and reunited her with Marvel.

When Marvel and Bubbles’ parents learned that Cee Cee had also been returned, they vowed to find a home for her. After all, family is family. They contacted a relative who lived in Texas who agreed to fly to New York to adopt Cee Cee. Now Cee Cee lives on a big ranch in Texas with two dog friends.

Puppies like Cee Cee, Marvel and Bubbles deserve only the best. Animal shelters and rescue groups are full of dogs, cats and other animals who are looking for similar “happy tails.” Let’s hope that they find one in 2012.