Ed’s Corner: ASPCA Grant Helps Save Horse's Life

Monday, July 23, 2012 - 12:15pm

It wasn't what you would think of as a typical 911 call. Terrified her horse was drowning in the Umpqua River, an Oregon woman called 911 for help. She had been with her horse at the county fairgrounds when her horse spooked and jumped into the fast-moving current of the river. Frantic, the woman tried to swim after her but couldn't catch up. She returned to shore and called for help. This particular story has a happy ending—Douglas County Animal Control Deputy Lee Bartholomew responded with a swift water rescue team and the horse was saved.

Shortly before the dramatic river rescue, local responders had taken a large animal rescue training course funded in part with a grant from the ASPCA. Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, an Oregon nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates equines, applied for an ASPCA grant to help train  law enforcement, fire departments and animal control agencies in the rescue of large animals. Because state and county governments had drastically cut budgets, most of the participants could not have attended the training program without financial assistance. 

Could Your Local Shelter Use a Grant?
During the first half of 2012, the ASPCA made 828 grants, totaling over $7.6 million. Our robust grant program helps save animals across the country, and we are always grateful when our recipients let us know how the funds have helped. If you know of an organization that could use financial assistance, please visit our Grants section.

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Crissi Reed

One year ago this August I had just lost my two year old long hair american curl (feline). Instead of adopting from a no kill shelter or getting from somewhere I knew had a home to begin with I searched the internet and came across a man that was volunteering at a high kill shelter in Jacksonville, FL. I contacted him and within one week I had my two little girls, Sophie and Claire! These two were crate born sisters that had literally never known human interaction. After only one visit to the family vet and 11 months of constant training and interaction they are healthy and happy cats :). One week after adopting these two I had a call from a woman in FL that found a box on the side of the interstate (I95) that had three newborn kittens inside. I drove all the way to her to get the only baby that servived. After adopting her, our Ruby, she also is healthy and as happy as could be! I believe that not only do we have a rising problem with the puppy mills, we also have a growing issue with these high kill shelters. This is happening all over the country. They call themselves a "HUMANE Society", but how exactly HUMANE is it to hold an animal for 7-30 days(max) and youthenize these animals????? This has to be the utmost unHUMANE act I have ever seen/heard of. More HAS to be done to protect these special littl gifts that humans call pets!!!!