Dymphna and Pepper: Rescued in the Nick of Time

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 4:30pm
Cat sitting outside

Sometimes pets come into our lives when we least expect them to. Sharon O’Connell shared the following story about rescuing two of her four special kitties, Dymphna and Pepper, when both were in desperate need of a safe and loving home.

Dymphna's Story

On a summer Saturday three years ago, I went to drop off my recycling and garbage when a little furry kitty ran past me. I had never seen this kitty before, and the attendant said someone must have dropped her off the previous night. I tried to go up to her, but she kept running back and forth from recycling bin to bin. Frantic that I could not take her home with a busy day ahead, I vowed to come back.

That Monday after work, I put some tasty tuna fish in a cat carrier, waited for her to go in and eat, and then rushed her to the vet.  After they took blood tests, they came back to tell me she was disease-free and in much need of fattening up.  When I arrived home, I knew what I wanted to name her—Dymphna, after the princess Saint Dymphna of Ireland, because of her calmness and kindness.  To this day, Dymphna is the sweetest kitty, constantly seeking love and attention from us and the other kitties.  She is my littlest angel. She is kindest cat I have ever met in my life.

Black cat sitting on sidewalkPepper's Story

A year ago, I received a phone call from a local vet attendant pleading with me to find a home for a 14-year-old kitty—someone had dropped her off because she did not get along with their new kitten.  I immediately called a friend, and she agreed to take the senior kitty. Soon, my friend moved, and Miss Pepper became mine!  It took a few months to adjust, but she is doing fine with my three other kitties—especially Dymphna who was the first to accept her.

Pepper is now 15-years-old, and is experiencing so many new things in her later years.  She is so soft, and even hugs me and holds me tight with her paws when I hold her.  Every day we walk together in the yard, and to have been able to see her smell the grass and flowers—probably for the first time in her life—melted my heart.  She is my comfort girl, and I vow to make her final years great ones.

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