Dress Up Your Pet with Our New Year’s Eve App!

Friday, December 28, 2012 - 1:15pm
Cat wearing 2013 glasses

There’s nothing like starting off the New Year looking your best, and our awesome new app makes that easy for your pets.

Using our Happy Near Year app, you can design a goofy card featuring your pet! Just upload a photo of your furry pal, then drag and drop some festive accessories like a party hat or pearl necklace. Share the image with your friends and wish them a happy New Year!

It’s super easy and super fun. Besides, we bet your cat will look awesome with a mustache and top hat.

Get started now.

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Claudine Raben

Thank you so much for letting me get a pet. Love you for saving these animals.

John & Christine

5 Years ago a very hungry, homeless and pregnant cat decided to adopt us from the street. We took her in and a few weeks later she gave birth to 2 kittens. We found a loving home for one and we decided to keep the other. "Junior" turned out to be the most gentle and loving cat that we have ever had. Unfortunately, the momma cat "Scraps" was poisoned by a thoughtless and uncaring so-called "neighbor" who hates animals of all types. Junior has never been outside and loves the indoors where it is safe and love and food are plentiful. The best part that one night in the wee hours of the morning I awoke to find a little kitten eating from Junior's bowl. How she got in is still a mystery, but she "Scruffy" rescued us. After a visit to the vet for shots, spaying and chipping she became Junior's best buddy and provided us with non stop love and laughter for the past 5 years and is still going strong. ASPCA, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK. I wish we could donate more, but since we live on a fixed income money is short as we all know. Junior and Scruffy send thier love.....


God bless you for all the wonderful things you are doing