Donate Your Facebook Status to a Shelter Dog

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 12:45pm

Got a sec? It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and we’d love for you to donate your Facebook status to help homeless dogs. It’s quick, it’s easy…and it’s an awesome way to help these pups find the homes they deserve.

Step One: Find a dog to sponsor! You can choose one from your local shelter or pick one of the dogs the ASPCA recently rescued.

Step Two: Share the dog’s profile on your Facebook page—and be sure to encourage your friends and family to share the profile, too!

That’s it! We told you it was easy. And did we mention effective? Chances are you just reached hundreds—even thousands—of people with that one status post. Better yet, you may have helped Fido find a new family. So, paws up to you!

Can you think of other ways to help shelter dogs using social media? Let us know!

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Help out & adopt a dog


Help out & adopt a dog

Beth hickey

Adopt a shelter pet :)

Daniel Hamlin

Please if you adopt a shelter Dog or Cat or just help your local animal shelter. There are over 200 dogs within 25 miles of King George needing a home.

Aixa Andru

To save dog's


hi - your Facebook status update w/ local links is not working :( was trying to showcase "Goldie" who is 50 miles within Foxboro and could not get a link to post on FB :(


Same as previous poster, the Facebook share content read, page not found

Shelly Webb

Save a life... Adopt a shelter Dog <3


I tried to post a dog to donate my FB status, using the Facebook share button on her page, but it says "Whoops, page not found", so I didn't post it, but I would love to!!


Give a little love <3