Dogs Like Hennessy Get All the Time They Need

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 5:45pm
Brown and white pit bull with sad eyes

On a cold December day last year, eight-year-old Hennessy came to us limping and suffering from multiple untreated conditions. She underwent extensive surgery on her right knee. And through it all, she never lost her trust in people.

Housetrained and a great leash walker, she learned commands like Sit, Down and Leave It with the same enthusiasm she showed greeting people. Naturally, staff members fell in love with her one by one.

But Hennessy still hasn’t found find a home of her own.

We know that some dogs take a little longer to find forever homes—but in the meantime they benefit from our top-notch veterinary care, playtime and snuggles with our devoted staff. At the ASPCA, dogs like Hennessey get all the time they need.

We’re working hard to help as many animals as possible. With your support, we can continue to save lives like Hennessy’s. We think she’s worth it. Don’t you?

This holiday, please make a small donation to help animals like Hennessy—they are counting on us. 

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was wondering what happened to Betty with the two puppies. Did she get well and adopted and did her puppies get adopted.


i appreciate all the things aspca does for dogs like hennessy . me and my family would love to adopt dogs that are in need of a home but we lie nowhere near new york so im not sure how'd that would work out

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Trisha Manfredinj

I too am wondering what happened to Betty and her two puppies that you had shown on TV? Please please tell us. My husband and I both are concerned. Thanks so much!


What happened to Betty and her two puppies! Did she make it she is beautiful? I'm sure her puppies found forever homes. But did get lucky too? Please let us all know please. The ASCPA is a wonderful organization.