Dog Abuser Rejects Plea Deal

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 1:00pm

On April 15, after reconfirming her not guilty plea to animal torture charges, Tiara Davis rejected a 60-day jail deal offered by the District Attorney. In a heavily publicized case, Davis was caught on video violently kicking and leash-choking her nine-pound Pomeranian, Sparky. The incident occurred on January 11 in the Grant Houses in Morningside Heights, the same public housing project where surveillance video captured an unrelated dog beating only two weeks prior the incident.

It was approximately 2:00 A.M. on January 11, when the NYPD's in-elevator surveillance system captured Davis beating the four-year-old dog. The 31-year-old apparently lost her temper after Sparky urinated on the elevator floor. The video clearly shows Davis punching, kicking and swinging the small dog by his neck until he blacked out. Sparky suffered multiple bruises, possible liver damage and emaciation. He is currently recuperating at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Hospital.

"There was no justification for this violent act of cruelty," says Stacy Wolf, Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel for the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Department "I think the plea deal is generous and should be reconsidered by the defendant, I am not sure a jury would be as lenient."

Davis, who was arrested by ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agents the same morning the beating occurred, is due back in court on May 12, where the possibility of trial awaits her.

If you know of an animal whose health is being compromised by neglect or abuse, please report it. Visit our Report Cruelty FAQ to learn how to report cruelty in your neighborhood.

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I think this first thought/reaction of a bullet to the head - is just that a thought put into words - not to be taken literally. Many people may say I could kill him/her/it They do not go and kill someone - it is a way of showing/expressing anger without actually doing any harm.


I am an animal lover I have a dog and 3 cats of my own and this absolutely disgusts me and she definetly needs to be punished for her horendous crimes. At the same time she didn't kill the dog so why should she be killed? I agree punished by time in prison and never being able to own a pet or to have a child in her custody. The one thing that disgusts me more than this though is how I read throught the comments on here and because someone has a different opinion than the majority on here you want to condemn him or her to be the victim of this woman's brutality or even to die themselves? I mean come on, the people who do that are just as bad as the lady in the article who did that to her dog. I think there are way to many people on here who are demented like talking about taking her out to coyote or wolf country and cutting her and letting wolves eat her??? How sick do you have to be?? Yes what she did was horrible but for everyone to go the extremes they are going to is ridiculous!


the same thing she did to the dog should be done to her and then someone needs to piss on her. any punishment she gets will not be severe enough. that is the problem in the world today. they can do what ever they want to children animals and the elderly and get away with it. the all have a special place in Hell and that is too good for them. heartless cruel and evil humans...

Voice of Humanity

After reading your posts I'm very glad that non of you live near me or my family. Have you read your posts? most of you are no better than the person who mistreated the dog. I believe every living thing deserves to be comfortable and free of pain and abuse. But after reading most of your posts , the Salem witch hunts come to mind, you all need a reality check.


ALL SPCA's should be keeping a centralised data file (instead of wasting money on glossy magazines) on animal abusers so they do not get access to one. Period. Jail time, while satisfying to us, will just make this individual more abusive. She should not be allowed to keep animals, ever again. And obviously, should be monitored when dealing with children.


Very sad lots of poor innocent animals suffer in the hands of their carers, so these kind of people must not have any more animal once abused them, they need counselling (anger management) and be punished for their cruelty (as for a human). These people don't realise that dogs are more intelligent than them (only they can't speak).

Dee From Panama

Even in other countries, there are people who care about animals. A lady from the US came to a town near here. She hires a Vet from Costa Rica to spay and neuter. They have done nearly 3000 surgeries,not all strays, of course. When I came to Panama and saw so many animals running in the streets, I assumed it was the native's dogs and cats, only to find out some people from the US, Canada and other countries were to blame, as well. Most dogs live outdoors here, but at least it's never cold. When I lived in Minnesota, I saw dogs outside, chained or in kennels when it was far below zero. This woman is a very self centered person to abuse her dog for something like pottying on the floor. It probably had been all night since it had last urinated and it couldn't hold it any longer. I have known many people like her and they take their self absorbed tempers out on anyone doing something they don't like.One thing she really needs is anger management. It isn't only children who are 'spoiled brats'. She may have been raised by a person who dealt with everyday problems, the same way. Thankfully the little dog will go to someone who will give it the love every animal deserves.


Put her in a pen with a vicious dog and let her know what it feels like to be attacked for no real reason ! This kind if stuff sickens me !


Amen, wendy. I don't think she should be executed, but like I stated....let's see how well she handles herself in prison against someone that has the ability to stand up to her. Remember, back in the old days, people were HUNG for Stealing a horse. This Nut case tried to kill this defenseless dog over an accident. Is she going to beat her child for not making it to the toilet during potty training? What an IDIOT, and a lunatic!!


Who's bright idea was it to offer the plea anyway? Jeez, and we wonder why abuse like this thrives in our society.....