Debunking the Black Cat Myth

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 10:45am

Black cats have never had it easy. In fact, they have long been considered bad luck and unfairly linked to witchcraft for centuries. With it being Friday the 13th, we think it’s the perfect time to put some common assumptions about black cats to the test.

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck
False. In reality the color of a cat's coat has nothing to do with good or bad luck. And just for the record, in many other cultures, a black cat is a prized pet. In places like Japan and the British Isles, they’re even thought to bring their pet parents good luck!

Black Cats Are Evil
False. Sure they may jump on the kitchen counter or use your favorite chair as a scratching post. And just maybe they even try to nibble your toes while you sleep. All cats can be playful. But evil? We think not.  

Black Cats Are Often Unwanted
Ask any shelter or rescue worker and they will tell you—black cats are the hardest to get adopted. In fact, they are only half as likely to find homes as other cats. So, what’s the problem? An unfairly earned reputation? Yep.   

Black Cats Make Awesome Pets!
True. Black cats may get a bad rap, but really they're just as lovable as the next furry feline. So help us turn their luck around.Share this article with your friends, and consider adopting one of the cuties currently available at the ASPCA Adoption Center!  

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My Black cat, Jasper, was my baby. He kissed me when I asked and purred on my lap within seconds of me sitting down. There was never a sweeter cat, ever. A mama's boy but very social, curious , part of the party and oh so elegant. I miss him always.


My black cat, Noir, is such a sweet girl! She's a little diva and very affectionate. I adopted her from Wildlife Rescue in San Antonio; I'm so thankful they took her in so I could find her. Incidentally I also have a white cat. Black cat, white cat. :)


Having had my 1st black cat tortured in some stupid "satanic ritual" I have become uber pro-black cat rescue (crazy cat lady) we only adopt & rescue black kittens, teens, adults & seniors. Our 2 newest editions are kittens brother & sister: Sir Lance Charming & Lady London GaGa both are 12 weeks old spayed & neutered (most important a life saving procedure that will hopefully prevent black cat killings tortured abused lives) black kittys are the best! They have unique cat-a-natalies & when you spring a black kitten cat or senior you're more than saving lives you are enriching yours. Cats are always better in pairs, triplets & more. If you've ever got black cat questions contact me


Since I have started owning cats (or them owning me) I have ALWAYS made sure I had one Black Cat in the family. They have a different attitude and in my house, was the master of the house. Playful and loving, sensitive and kind. If you really want to believe in the superstition then read up. On one site I was on it said that WHITE cats are considered bad luck if they show up at you house and stay.


I have had many black and tuxedo cats over the years. My little girl Mama Midnight was a petite little girl with a big heart, and was my shadow, (no pun intended!) and stuck 2 me like glue!
She would even wrap around my neck at night when I was sleeping and cling to the pillow so I couldn't get away! I miss her and all my other babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge over the years. As a volunteer at a local shelter, I see that we currently have many black and tuxedo cats. If I could, I would adopt them all. I currently have this tuxedo cat outside my house 4 quite some time whom I am trying 2 take care of and friend. We have so many stray or unwanted cats, it is so hard 2 keep up. The area just around my house has been extremely busy lately. There was one little guy Dillon who we rescued very young with his brother Jessie. He was black with only one eye when we found him, and needed to have surgery to close it up and keep from infection. He was the smaller of the 2, and so cute always looking like he was winking at u! He and his brother were very close, and Jessie was very close 2 and protective of his smaller brother Dillon, so we wanted them adopted together. We had them well over a year, and they were finally adopted to a good home. :) Many happy stories and many still waiting 4 their forever homes. :(


We adopted a black cat, named Sunny, when she was a kitten. She is 2 years old now and she is absolutely the sweetest, most amazing cat around. She has a great personality and is very loveable. In fact, she looks almost exactly like the kitty posted on this page. It breaks my heart to hear black cats are half as likely to find a home. People need to put their silly superstitions aside, because black cats are just as amazing as every other kind.


I have never had a black cat but I would not care what color their coat is. It is like buying a jacket,
does it matter what color it is it just matters that it fits right?

Peggy Angeline

The two best cats that have ever owned me are black. The first was named Sabbath and he was awesome. He was an out door cat and was treated badly. Eventually some one actually did the cruelest thing ever. They poisoned him. It broke my heart and I knew right then that I would never subject a cat to the cruelty of the public again. I have Zeke now who is the sweetest, cutest, funniest, orneriest, and silliest cat in the world. He is jet black with golden eyes. He has certainly never brought me bad luck. Nothing but happiness and joy. Foolish are those who believe in such myth. You are missing out.

Please! All cat owners. If you really love your cat, keep it indoors. Not everyone love cats. People, cars and other animals can be very dangerous for you baby.


black cats can be the sweetest thing ever if you train them and care for them if you hate black cats you hate pets


I currently have three female black cats. I love each of them dearly. My close friends call me the crazy cat lady and I accept that title with honor. All of my girls are rescue kitties so it makes me feel great for giving them a good home. Stop the myth about black cats! I am lucky to have them in my life!