Debunking the Black Cat Myth

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 10:45am

Black cats have never had it easy. In fact, they have long been considered bad luck and unfairly linked to witchcraft for centuries. With it being Friday the 13th, we think it’s the perfect time to put some common assumptions about black cats to the test.

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck
False. In reality the color of a cat's coat has nothing to do with good or bad luck. And just for the record, in many other cultures, a black cat is a prized pet. In places like Japan and the British Isles, they’re even thought to bring their pet parents good luck!

Black Cats Are Evil
False. Sure they may jump on the kitchen counter or use your favorite chair as a scratching post. And just maybe they even try to nibble your toes while you sleep. All cats can be playful. But evil? We think not.  

Black Cats Are Often Unwanted
Ask any shelter or rescue worker and they will tell you—black cats are the hardest to get adopted. In fact, they are only half as likely to find homes as other cats. So, what’s the problem? An unfairly earned reputation? Yep.   

Black Cats Make Awesome Pets!
True. Black cats may get a bad rap, but really they're just as lovable as the next furry feline. So help us turn their luck around.Share this article with your friends, and consider adopting one of the cuties currently available at the ASPCA Adoption Center!  

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We have 3 cats in our family - a black cat, a tuxedo & a very dark tortoiseshell. Our black cat Wisp was found as a kitten hiding under a palette of cement mix outside a hardware store, abandoned. She has been my constant companion for 10 years now, and we've been through everything together (including a very scary bout of fatty liver disease, which she completely recovered from!). Black cats have such wonderful personalities, I think everyone should get to know at least one.


I'm very glad my black cat has come into my life. He has been a wonderful addition to the family, and a great companion for the tabby cat I have. He is extremely lovable, and not at all bad luck. I feel sorry for the people who left him behind when they moved. They lost a great companion. However, their loss is my gain.


I had a Black Kitty named Midnight and he was the best! I had him for 16 years and cried sooooo much when I had to put him to sleep because he had cancer! He would play fetch and was such a great companion. He slept with me all the time and always had to touch me when he was on the bed. After he died, I was given another Kitty by my Vet, an Orange Tiger Kitty, but a friend of mine knew I missed my Black Kitty, Midnight sooooo much that He got me another Black Kitty that I named Charcoal! He is soooooooooooooooo affectionate! He kisses me all the time, while he is purring and is sooooooooo loveable! I am happy I got another black Kitty and will probably always have a black kitty. They are, like so many on this site said soooooo lovable! They are not EVIL! Both my Kitties sleep with me every night.

John Sokso

We have three black boys. One was a pharo kitten, one wondered to a friends house and the other was in a kill shelter in Broklyn NY.


I have had my black cat blackman for over 2 yrs now and he brings me love and joy and he is so sweet black cats are not bad luck it's just the people that think that.


I have a 3yr old black Princess who my family adores-she is such a sweetheart and her black fur is beautiful! This is 2012, not 1812 and yet people in this country are still holding on to ancient superstitions whole other countries view black cats in a completely opposite light...


I've recently heard they were harder to adopt and I was very surprised. I got our black cat, Tyler, from a foster home in New York. Sleek, and Oh sooo shiny!! Big green eyes...My boys just love him! We all do. I can't imagine life without him!
Get a black won't be sorry! :D

Katie Phillips

I have three black cats. They are as wonderful as any sweet kitty and if anything, are good luck to those who love them!!!


When I went to adopt my last two cats at the Humane Society they asked me what I was looking for. They were surprised when I said I want two black cats. Bagheera and Mowgli really adopted me and I wouldn't trade them for anything! Love Love Love my black cats!


I currently have 2--Kaylee is a black tortie polydactal, and my precious baby. Guy Noir is her little (well, younger) "brother"--nosy as can be (Hence the name), and such a friendly, lovable guy! Can't imagine my life without them!