Debunking the Black Cat Myth

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 10:45am

Black cats have never had it easy. In fact, they have long been considered bad luck and unfairly linked to witchcraft for centuries. With it being Friday the 13th, we think it’s the perfect time to put some common assumptions about black cats to the test.

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck
False. In reality the color of a cat's coat has nothing to do with good or bad luck. And just for the record, in many other cultures, a black cat is a prized pet. In places like Japan and the British Isles, they’re even thought to bring their pet parents good luck!

Black Cats Are Evil
False. Sure they may jump on the kitchen counter or use your favorite chair as a scratching post. And just maybe they even try to nibble your toes while you sleep. All cats can be playful. But evil? We think not.  

Black Cats Are Often Unwanted
Ask any shelter or rescue worker and they will tell you—black cats are the hardest to get adopted. In fact, they are only half as likely to find homes as other cats. So, what’s the problem? An unfairly earned reputation? Yep.   

Black Cats Make Awesome Pets!
True. Black cats may get a bad rap, but really they're just as lovable as the next furry feline. So help us turn their luck around.Share this article with your friends, and consider adopting one of the cuties currently available at the ASPCA Adoption Center!  

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I have adopted 2 black cats. The first lived to 17 years of age and had a beautiful, loving temperament. So after he died, I adopted the second black cat. To my delight, he has a similarly loving and beautiful temperament. I have yet to meet a black cat I didn't like.


i have the sweetest cutest little black cat in the world so I am positive that the rumors are false! Unless u r a mouse!!!!!!


My lil rescue black is the sweetest kitty I've ever owned. The only "bad" about her is how she likes to be within 2ft of my feet, so I have to be careful I don't trip on her. Otherwise, she is quite the lovey who lays on laps, loves to be held, and is super blissed out when she gets to go outside (she's also learned to say "out" ;)). She's not usually too bad of a shedder, either!

Sharon Kaye

We have a black cat that adopted us. It was just after Halloween last year, she showed up around home & seemed to want to stay. She was so loving & sweet. We fed her, she appeared to be starving. I immediately went out to buy cat food and brought her inside. We tried so hard to find her owners, using the local newspaper lost & found, posters in the neighborhood & Craigs list. It was so sad that no one was looking for this beautiful creature. As you can guess, we kept her and have never regretted 1 day since. She is beautiful, elegant and a wonderful loving pet. Please don't pass on black cats, I also have the "best" luck of most people I know!


Black cats were considered good luck by a lot of different Pagan faiths, thus in the eyes of early Christians they were "evil" and that's one of the reasons they got that nasty reputation.
History Fact: If so many cats hadn't been killed during the "witch" burning times the Black Plague probably would have never happened, or at least would have been far less devastating (cats would have killed the disease carrying rats.)

I have one cat who is mostly black and she's my baby, but my Mother's (rest her soul) cat was a black Bombay and she was the sweetest & most mellow cat I have ever met.
One trick I've heard of for getting black cats adopted in shelters is to give them a "fun" name to get people to notice them. The most popular is "Jellybean".


I have had three black cats and they have all been wonderful. In my opinion they have so much more personality than the others, and they love to talk to you. I have always looked for a black cat when adopting.


We have had our black cat for about 12 years and he is the sweetest baby ever, he is a big cat but has a cute itty bitty meow! He loves to be loved and will rub on you & he talks to me, we meow back & forth he is the only cat I've ever had do that.


I have two black cats that I have adopted and they are absolutely even LOVES to play fetch! It was this ridiculous superstition and the knowledge that it was harder to find homes for black cats that made me adopt them and I made sure my 11 year old son was fully aware of the reason why we would only be adopting adult black cats. I would love to have one more, but we can only have two pets in our apartment.


I have had 3 different black cats and they have all been lovable and playful. I am disappointed in people for adopting a kitten/cat because of the color of its fur. They all need a forever family. Please think of them as your next best friend.


I adopted my kitty cat from the Humane Society when she was 9 months old. Poor baby had been living in the shelter ever since she was a baby kitten; all her brothers and sisters had already been adopted. I guess people didn't want her bc she is a black kitty cat. Their loss, she is amazing. I hope that more people embrace these sweet pets and ignore all the BS about black cats and bad luck!