Debunking the Black Cat Myth

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 10:45am

Black cats have never had it easy. In fact, they have long been considered bad luck and unfairly linked to witchcraft for centuries. With it being Friday the 13th, we think it’s the perfect time to put some common assumptions about black cats to the test.

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck
False. In reality the color of a cat's coat has nothing to do with good or bad luck. And just for the record, in many other cultures, a black cat is a prized pet. In places like Japan and the British Isles, they’re even thought to bring their pet parents good luck!

Black Cats Are Evil
False. Sure they may jump on the kitchen counter or use your favorite chair as a scratching post. And just maybe they even try to nibble your toes while you sleep. All cats can be playful. But evil? We think not.  

Black Cats Are Often Unwanted
Ask any shelter or rescue worker and they will tell you—black cats are the hardest to get adopted. In fact, they are only half as likely to find homes as other cats. So, what’s the problem? An unfairly earned reputation? Yep.   

Black Cats Make Awesome Pets!
True. Black cats may get a bad rap, but really they're just as lovable as the next furry feline. So help us turn their luck around.Share this article with your friends, and consider adopting one of the cuties currently available at the ASPCA Adoption Center!  

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My black cat Ace is the sweetest, most laid back cat I've ever known. He's friendly to everyone that comes through our door. Bad luck? Bah! Ace is awesome!


I have a very sweet, intelligent and loving black cat who brought me great luck. About 2 weeks after getting him I met my future husband and we have been a happy family ever since! Black cats are beautiful and mine has been my best little buddy. I also saved a beautiful black cat from a feral life and she was the sweetest thing ever. Adopot all black cats!!


I've had black cats all my life, and I willnever get any other type of cat. They truly are the best, I've never met sweeter, funnier, or more loving cats in my life! You can't go wrong with them, all they can do is bring you love. Adopt black cats!! They deserve to be loved!!

Tricia Tenpenny

A sweet and beautiful black cat named Chelsea kept me company for 19 years. She will always have a special place in my heart.

People should not be judged by the color of their skin and cats should not be judged by the color of their coats.


I am the proud momma of TWO black cats. If we had our own home we would probably have another. I love...LOVE....LOVE black cats and will adopt them every time!


We actually prefer black cats; we have 3. My husband found our two older brothers while demolishing a house & we adopted our little girl fro the local HS. all 3 have been nothing but a joy!

We don't believe in superstitions to begin with. I was born on Friday the 13th & hubby & I chose to be married on Friday the 13th as well!


my black cat is soooo sweet he is sleek smooth and quite the looker!! ;) he is really rare and my mom found him on the side of the road and we took him into our home! We got him 2 years ago and he still is on my lap right now! He is like most outdoor cats and he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My black cat was the first I've ever owned and he is my baby.


I had my black cat Lucky for over 8 years...and he was THE BEST cat I've ever had. Super affectionate, loving...even played with the dogs :) I named him Lucky...because I was lucky to find such an amazing kitty. Unfortunatley he passed away a couple years ago :( But...if I ever get another cat, it will be a black kitty!


i know for a fact that black dogs and black cats are the last to be adopted, and that is just really unfortunate. i must have had at least 5 black cats, and i now also have a little black Pomeranian boy. all were rescues. coat color has nothing to do with it, people. it's all about your pet's personality. mine were all sweet-natured babies.