Day Two: ASPCA Provides Critical Transport for Ohio Pups

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 5:45pm

The ASPCA Animal Relocation Team hit the road this week to help dogs in South Carolina get a second chance at shelters in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Kristen Limbert, ASPCA Animal Relocation Manager, shares her notes on the operation.  

Greetings from Ohio! It took us nearly 11 hours to reach the Capital Area Humane Society, with two stops along the way to check on our passengers. Save for some minor motion sickness, everyone is doing great—those tails are still wagging!

We arrived last evening and were greeted by a small but dedicated crew who had stayed late to welcome their new guests: Sugar, Bonnie, Clyde, Kristy, Sukie, Flower, Kaylie, Phineas, Rosie and Belle. They are all so cute, but I think Rosie is my favorite of this group—I'm a sucker for a dog with an underbite. Capital Area Humane Society has a great adoption program, so we have no doubt they'll be able to find great families.

The staff helped us get the remaining dogs fed, watered and walked before getting back on the road—it's a long way to our next stop in Wisconsin. The plan is to drive through the night and arrive at the Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay by morning. There, the next 11 dogs will take their first step off the truck and on to their new lives!

Stay tuned for a message from our next stop, in Wisconsin.

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