Day Three: ASPCA Provides Critical Transport for Ohio Pups

Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 5:45pm

The ASPCA Animal Relocation Team hit the road this week to help dogs in South Carolina get a second chance at shelters in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Kristen Limbert, ASPCA Animal Relocation Manager, shares her notes on the operation. 

What a night! It's been a while since I've driven anywhere straight through the night, but it was important to keep going to minimize the time the dogs had to stay on the truck. Overall the ride was peaceful and didn't seem as long as it actually was, maybe because I didn’t actually do any of the driving.

We arrived at Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay, Wisconsin, early this morning, and the staff was ready to help us unload their new residents: Benji, Wrangler, Glory, Freddie, Scooby, Sweetie, Blythe, Sachi, Dallas, Sweet Pea and Libby.

The whole gang did very well overnight. For the most part, they rested quietly, waking only when we opened the doors to check on them and fill their water bowls every few hours.

I think they're all about ready to be done with the ride, and for these 11 the journey is over (until their adoption, of course). The remaining 20 still have another 283 miles to travel before we reach their destination in Minnesota, but I think we all agree that 1,400 miles isn't too far to travel to get a chance at a new life. So many dogs never get the opportunity.

The Minnesota 20 have been fed a light breakfast, got some pats and scratches, and are settled in for the last leg of their trip. Golden Valley, MN, here we come.

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