Dakota: Doggie Introvert Turned Extrovert

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 4:00pm
close up of white and tan pit bull

Kristin M. wasn’t planning to adopt a dog when she visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan, but meeting Dakota changed her mind. She shared the following story with us about the way in which her family of three became a family of four.

We decided to adopt Dakota when we first saw her. She wiggled up to the glass wagging her tail and just seemed like the sweetest girl—not too big or too small—and flashed her happy Pit Bull smile.

We had never adopted before. We, of course, went to “just look.” After meeting Dakota and learning she wasn’t quite ready for adoption, we put a hold on her.

The adoption process was so easy! It was great being able to have Dakota and our bossy Chihuahua, Cali, meet in a neutral area at the Adoption Center.

Dakota has adjusted into regular home life here. When we first brought her home, we could tell she wasn't used to being in a home setting. Every time I opened the refrigerator, she tried to climb inside it!  Stairs were a real challenge for her, even though it is only three steps.  We kept her and her older sister separated, while we were gone, for the first two months, just to be safe. 

Over the past five months, she has relaxed quite a bit. Dakota walks on a leash very nicely now and has no trouble with our little set of stairs. We often joke that she wants to be best friends with everyone she meets on the street. She and Cali sleep next to each other and even play! Of course, Cali is still the boss.

We couldn't be happier to have Dakota as a member of our little family. We don't even mind waking up to her silly face trying to lick ours!

tan dog taking a nap

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I love these happy stories. What was Dakota's history? Had she been in a fight situation?


Thank you for sharing such a happy story and adorable photo of Dakota!


Beautiful adoption story! I have to say that Dakota looks identical to my shy pittie mix adopted through animal control; they look like beautiful sisters! Wishing Kristin M., Dakota and Cali, many, many happy years together filled with love and licks!! Dakota looks like a real love muffin! Thank you Thank Thank you to Kristin M. and all those who give these beautiful dogs a happy furever home.

Mindy Robinson-...

Another love-bug pit rescue! We love our pit Emma so much, it's the only breed we'll look at adopting when the time comes. Emma was 2 when we got her, and had had 5-6 litters, per the vet. Starving for both food &affection, 7 yrs later she still wants a hug before she'll eat.


Great story! I can't wait for the day when we get a place of our own and are able to adopt a dog! We have two cats so it will be interesting...


Good for you! Everyone needs at least one little pit in their family!


Such a great story.

jennifer raifte...

Love it! Pitbulls are so forgiving and loving and have the best smiles!


I'm happy to hear she got a good home....but the term introvert and extrovert is being used incorrectly. An introvert is a person or being that replenishes their energy by spending time alone whereas an extrovert is someone who replenishes there energy by interacting with others. I am a introvert. As an example I spend time with others but need time alone doing activities such as reading to rejuvenate. In your article it seems that you use the word introvert as a bad trait and extrovert as being a good trait. Not true!!


a shy person who tends not to socialize much
somebody whose feelings and thoughts are directed inward

somebody who is sociable and self-confident
somebody whose interests are directed outside the self

Neither one is bad.