The Daily Show Takes on Puppy Mills—Check Out the Video!

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 4:00pm

Fan or not, we’ve got to give credit to The Daily Show for tackling the serious issue of puppy mill reform in America, especially given the current debate over the passage of Proposition B in Missouri. Sure, the majority of Missourians voted in favor of tougher state regulations for puppy mills—but opposition to the new set of rules remains fierce, if not also a bit misinformed.

In last week’s Daily Show segment, correspondent Olivia Munn visits Missouri to see firsthand how residents are reacting to the passing of Prop B. Munn speaks with animal welfare leaders, even Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, who throws his opinion in the ring. But the most startling interview is with Anita Andrews, Director of the Alliance for Truth—an organization that heavily opposes the new puppy mill law. 

“They’re expecting all the breeders to sit there and pay for exorbitant amounts of care that are not needed—like adequate food, adequate water, and adequate space,” explains Andrews.

With its well-known satiric flare, The Daily Show gets to the heart of the matter—puppy mill reform is needed and those who oppose it…well, we’ll just let you come to your own conclusions. 

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