Court Says “Au Revoir, Foie Gras!”

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 2:30pm
White goose

Nearly a decade ago the State of California took a bold stand to ban the production and sale of foie gras, a luxury food item produced by shoving pipes down birds’ throats several times a day to force-feed them until their livers become fatty and diseased.

Major retailers including Safeway, Target and Costco refuse to sell foie gras and, according to one poll, nearly three-quarters of Americans want to see it banned nationwide. But as the implementation date of the California ban neared, it was not surprising that some groups rose up to challenge the law, taking their case all the way to federal court.

Thankfully, this week we were greeted with the news that the Federal Appeals Court decided unanimously to uphold the lower court’s support of the foie gras ban. The three- judge panel recognized that California’s ban was not unconstitutional, as foie gras producers claim. This decision is a big win for the victimized birds and for animal advocates.

After the ruling, foie gras producers defiantly insisted that “nobody is being harmed by foie gras” and announced they will continue their fight to end the ban. But for the time being, California’s ban on foie gras remains happily and firmly in place. 

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Beth Hodge

~ No one is being HURT??!!
Bulls sh**!!!!


yeah i'm with you, what they mean is "no person is being hurt" they don't care that the poor bird is being tortured and maimed, somebody should rape them with a pipe several times a day and see how they feel.

Janelle Baker

One of the many horrifying practices in the food industry. If no one is being hurt, let's shove a pipe down the producers' throats, just to prove their (ridiculous) point.


To their 'no one is being hurt' claim, I'd say this: Let me feed your kid like that, then. Fair?

deb shafer

thank you california!!!


THANK YOU STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!!!! TO STOP THIS HEINOUS ACT OF BARBARISM TO ANIMALS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Now we probably need a task force to check restaurant menus to make sure Foie Gras isn't on the menu, because I don't believe professional chefs, and restauranteurs will give up the enormous profits from this so called delicacy. They will probably Black Market somehow to get what they want. ALSO, BRAVO TO TARGET, COSTCO, AND SAFEWAY, FOR REFUSING TO SELL THIS HORRID PRODUCT. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Susan King

You will never change the minds of defective people but you can influence those who are apathetic. To gain support you must present the issues factually, and, pictures do help! Most people can't handle the thought of animal abuse, so until you bring it up, they remain uninformed and avoid anything to do with it. So get out there and teach! Also, fight! Lobby for stiffer fines and sentences on the malicious people who commit these acts. Take a few seconds to contact your state officials by e-mail or a quick phone call. The ASPCA does a wonderful service in providing the info on what bills are pending in each state. They make it so easy that if you don't respond, you are part of the problem.


These practices of hurting and destroying the living creatures of our Earth for our own luxurious and frivolous needs must be put to an end. There will always be fools and sadists and greedy idiots who do bad things to animals, but they are on the run. Let's run them and their stupid lies out of town. This bill is a start to raising awareness.

joann santana

Yeah if you think no one is being harmed then let us do that sh*t to any of you cowards who don't feel like they can live without foie gras! Then you can eat your own fatty diseased liver!

Lisa Jarvis

'Nobody' is being hurt. The callousness of this statement reveals the producers true attitude about the animals they abuse. They do not consider them sentient beings. Shameful and disgusting.