Consider the Distinguished Senior Pet!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 4:15pm
Small grey shih tzu wearing adopt me vest

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and we think it’s the perfect time to consider bringing a special, older animal companion into your life. After all, what could be more in the spirit of the season than giving an older adoptable a new home for the holidays? Adopt now, and they’ll be all settled in and part of the family by the time you’re decorating your tree or lighting the menorah!

As you know, shelters are full of animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages, but the older ones are typically the most difficult to place. Yes, puppies and kittens are hard to resist, but senior animals have so much love to give—plus, when you adopt an older pet, you know what you’re getting into: They’re fully grown, their personalities have developed, and many are already trained. Senior pets can be great matches for senior people and others who enjoy a less active lifestyle.

If you’re inspired to give a senior pet a chance, please visit your local shelter soon! And if you’ve already opened your heart to a golden oldie, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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I love that funny, friendly, little dog in his "Adopt Me" vest. What an irresistible little face! I hope lots of people give senior animals a chance. They just need a happy, safe, loving home and they'll do the rest -- love you forever, shine and flourish!


There is no better feeling than adopting a senior dog! We adopted a 9 year old English Bulldog this past January and she is just an absolute joy, we could not love her more! Seniors have so much love to give and they KNOW that you saved them!


Old dogs are the best dogs. :) Cat too! :)


After I lost a Dane, two Shar Pei, and a Papillon-Cavvy mix I thought my toy poodle Angel would like company while I was at work. I wasn't too sure about, but saw a little white poodle,14 years old, who needed meds twice a day. I thought she would never get a home, so I contacted the rescue group and asked if she was alpha because Angel, with all those other dogs thought she was and they let her. She came over for a visit and while the picture looked like she was white, she was apricot, just like my Angel. Friends could not figure out which was which and I have to say I got them mixed up sometimes myself. She was with us till the end when her little heart gave out. Since then I've also lost my Angel and I miss them both terribly. But I know I'll see them again.


Sounds like you need to open your heart and home to another senior. I lost a Cocker at age 9, and 2 kitties (one 18 & one 19). But when I lost my precious Pit Bull at age 15, leaving my 5 year old Chocolate Lab & I alone, he didn't seem to know what to do with himself while I was at work. That was when I decided to foster. We have our 5th foster baby now, and we have taken in (temporarily) another Pit that needed some help. She has been with us now almost 18 months, so she isn't going anywhere. I have the best babies for fostering with, and it is the most gratifying thing I think I have ever done. God bless you for adopting a friend for your Angel.


yes we all will see them all again as we drift by The Rainbow Bridge on the way out of here..... I have a few waiting for me too.

Gwen Christie

My senior pet story ia about a 12-year old Siamese named Seti. Seti's owner was sick and ended up in a nursing home but he couldn't take SETI with him. Seti was taken in by the vet to live out his life as an office cat greeting other animals coming in. I took my poodle in for a check-up and ended up taking SETI home too. 6 months later I broke my wrist and required surgery. While I sat in my recliner healing, SETI draped himself down my harm and purred me well. One day I timed him...he purred 3 hours straight! What a blessing to have him for 3 years until he passed " over the rainbow bridge"!


Shortly after I wandered into a local vet's clinic, I met and adopted a 6-year-old long haired yellow cat whose previous owner had to go into a nursing home. As I got to know Ripley, I discovered little things he must have learned from his previous owner, like the fact he loved to "help" with the laundry. When Ripley turned 12, I adopted some young cats to see if it would add some spark to his life. We've been a "herd" for four years now and the younger cats absolutely love their "Grandpa Ripley."


I have three, all special needs. Tess is a 9 year old Bluetick mix, Casey is 10.5, a Pittie mix, and Neo is our newly acquired Lab mix at 9.5. I lost Duke ("Dookums" to my daughters) three weeks ago, on the operating table. Neo doesn't replace him; nothing could. But Duke just made room for us to save another life. What could trump that?


My love of dogs is 100% dedicated to elderly and special needs maltese and pomeranians. I have rescued these for many years. My home is nicknamed the retirement community. I am committed to providing them "Heaven on Earth" until God takes them to Heaven one day. Most have been abused/neglected and from a lifetime of hell in a puppymill. My eldest was blind and 14 years old when she joined me and lived to be 20 yrs 2 mos old. I feel God has blessed me with each elderly/special needs that has been a part of my life. I thank God for allowing me to be their Angel on Earth and there is no doubt, my fur-children have been and currently are - my Angels.