Comfort & Joy: Storm Survivor Adopted at Last

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 2:00pm
White and grey cat playing with toy mice

One of our favorite stories of the year belongs to Joy, a young cat who was saved from the streets of New York City during Hurricane Sandy. Our staff at the temporary shelter we set up for storm-displaced animals wasn’t sure if she was a homeless kitty or a lost pet. Weeks passed and no one claimed the skinny, skittish feline.

We folded Joy into our regular population of adoptable animals and discovered she needed extra help learning to trust people. With lots of socialization from ASPCA staff, Joy came out of her shell—but a whole year passed and Joy, our last Sandy cat, still hadn’t found a home.

Finally, in November 2013, Joy was adopted by Rob C., a fellow Sandy survivor who lost his home and business to the deadly storm. Robert saw Joy on the local news—her story resonated with him, and together they are getting a fresh start and making a new life.

Every step of Joy’s year-long journey with the ASPCA—her care at the temporary shelter; her time as an office foster; her behavior training—was made possible through your support. Please help us provide the same level of care for victims of future disasters and all the other animals who still need our help.

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Pretty Joy and Rob C., enjoy your sweet time together. I am so thrilled for you. Love, patience, and kindness for you both.


How about fixing your DA website so people can donate by email. The section where you need to put your zip code in isn't taking 5 numbers. Therefore I couldn't fill out the form to donate. Hmmmmm looks like you all had the same idiot who designed Obamacares website. Brilliant. Can only imagine how many donations you've lost due to this. Oh yeah and when I tried to explain this to one of your employees on line---the inconsiderate ignorant person kept taking over me trying to apologize. Unbelievable. A ten year old could run this poorly run down operation better than you. This is coming from someone who donated in the past too.

ASPCA Moderator

We're so sorry you're having trouble making a donation! If you send an email to [email protected] with more details about the issue you're experiencing, our web team will be able to help you out and fix the issue. In the meantime, you can also give by phone by calling 1-800-628-0028.


i am very happy to joy foud her a home

Animal Lover 143

@Annonymous: Really?!?
What is with the hostility?!
There are many ways to get the issue resolved without your disgusting mannerism.
Thank you and have a pleasant holiday season.
Ps. Thank you ASPCA for all that you do to help the animals.


Your very unhappy as well as rude. Hope something in your life helps you to change. Best wishes to you in the new year



Animal Lover 143

@Annonymous: Really?!? What is with the hostility... There are many ways to get the issue resolved without your disgusting mannerism. Thank you and have a pleasant holiday season. Ps. Thank you ASPCA for all that you do to help the animals.

M Eugene O'Neill

The nail trimming thing has been a chore with the hound I have now. He won't even allow me to touch his feet. Treats don't seem to matter to him at this point. Some years ago I had custody of a Great Dane. With him the ordeal was nothing. The difference being that the Dane's nails were somewhat like a horse's hoof. So the procedure consisted of only trimming the outside of his nails using a convex ground human toenail trimmer. Never touching the Quick. Just part of grooming. This hound has a traumatic fit when he sees me even thinking about going for the trimmer. He never was hurt by the process he just freaks out. So now we face the option of a schizoid psyche or a deformed gate. This is a dilemma. I believe I know what I'm doing but the Dog isn't convinced.

ASPCA Moderator

So sorry to hear you're having trouble. Nail trimming is very important but can be stressful to some animals. Try these tips next time and make sure to speak with your vet as well.