Come on Washington: Let’s Get Rid of Battery Cages Forever!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 4:30pm

It’s an ugly truth: More than 6 million egg-laying hens in Washington State can’t spread their wings. They are kept in cages so small and crowded that this instinctive movement is impossible. Proposed ballot Initiative 1130 will allow Washington’s voters to decide whether this cruel practice should be allowed to continue. We hope not.

If passed, the measure will completely phase out battery-cage confinement throughout the state and ensure that all whole eggs sold in Washington will come from cage-free birds. California passed very similar laws in 2009 and 2010.

Initiative 1130 is not yet guaranteed to appear on the November state ballot. In order for it to qualify, more Washingtonians need to sign paper petitions saying that they support it. We need your help!

Take Action!
If you live in Washington State and want to make sure this basic animal welfare measure qualifies for the November ballot, please help us gather as many signatures of registered Washington voters as possible before the July 8 signature deadline.

Let’s get started! Visit the following link and sign up to gather signatures from your friends and neighbors: For more information on this initiative and other ways you can help in your state, visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center.

Thank you for your help, Washington!