Clarksdale, MS Animal Shelter Rescue Update

Friday, January 29, 2010 - 3:45pm

On Sunday January 24, the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team assisted in the removal of more than 400 cats and dogs from the City of Clarksdale Animal Shelter. The animals were suffering from obvious neglect and health problems as a result of living in overcrowded conditions. With the help of numerous veterinary professionals and rescue organizations, we were able to provide much-needed relief.

“We found more than 400 animals living in a space designed for about 60,” reports Tim Rickey, ASPCA Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response. The animals are receiving essential medical care provided by a veterinary team from Mississippi State University, led by Dr. Phillip Bushby, as well as local veterinarians Dr. Andrea Marble, Animal Medical Clinic; Dr. Jody Swartzfarger, Lawndale Pet Hospital; Dr. Wayne Adams, Adams Vet Clinic; and Dr. Rebecca Coleman.

On January 26, groups of animals began leaving the site with various rescue agencies, including the ASPCA. Six dogs are currently en route to our NYC headquarters, where they will soon be available for adoption.

white dog on leash licks nose“Animal shelters and rescue groups from all over the country offered their assistance in placing these animals up for adoption,” said Matt Bershadker, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Group. “This is a great example of what like-minded animal welfare professionals can accomplish when they work together for the common goal of saving lives.”

The ASPCA is immensely grateful for the support of regional organizations that are offering temporary housing—and eventually, permanent placement—of the rescued pets. The Atlanta Humane Society is transporting at least 100 animals to Georgia, and countless other shelters, individuals and organizations are offering their critical support, including:

  • Anna Ware of Holland M. Ware Foundation
  • Mississippi State Animal Response Team
  • Greg Norred with Norred & Associates
  • Mississippi Animal Rescue League, MS
  • Tailwaggers for Life, MS
  • Jane Berry of Sterile Feral, GA
  • PAWS Humane, GA
  • Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, MS
  • Tampa Bay SPCA, FL
  • Broward County Humane, FL
  • Delaware Humane Association, DE
  • Kent County SPCA, DE
  • White River Animal Rescue, VT
  • Northern New England Dog Rescue, VT
  • Bolivar County Animal Shelter, MS
  • Louisiana SPCA, LA
  • Capital Area Humane Society, OH

The ASPCA has provided a large amount of financial support and resources during this effort that have helped to cover the travel of our team members, animal supplies, vet care and heart worm treatments as well as temporary boarding and transportation of the animals. The ASPCA Community Outreach Team also pledged to provide professional consultation on proper shelter management in order to prevent future overcrowding.

For the latest information about the animals from Clarksdale, MS, including those who will be available at the ASPCA Adoption Center, please visit