City Dog, Country Dog

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 10:15am

Kay, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon with an impressive silver mane, looks as though she was born to romp around in the snow. It took some time and special care for Kay to get to where she is now, but thanks to her adopters, Robert and Nancy Leete, Kay regularly gets to do just that.

When Kay arrived at the ASPCA Adoption Center in 2012, she suffered from heartworm. She reacted poorly to her initial treatment and became very sick after her first round of shots. It took a while, but eventually, Kay recovered and soon after, she joined the Leete family in Massachusetts.

"We fell in love with Kay the moment we saw her picture and read her bio," Nancy says. "Our decision to adopt Kay just felt right and we couldn't get to Manhattan quick enough."

Kay’s pet parents decided to move to a 12-acre homestead in Vermont. With plenty of fresh air and more than enough room to play, Kay is thriving there with her dog brother, Gus. Before this winter’s snow arrived, Kay and Gus took long walks through the woods, exploring their new territory. Robert tells us that Kay shows her enthusiasm for nature by bouncing and prancing along the path during their frequent hikes. Kay and Gus also dearly enjoy paying visits to their dog neighbor, a golden retriever named Spencer.

While Kay wasn’t too thrilled with the first Vermont snowstorm, she has learned to enjoy being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, even with snow on the ground.  She never tires of getting love pats, eating yummy treats after playing outside, and going for walks with her family. We can’t imagine a better place for Kay to call home.

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Deborah Straker

What a beautiful story! Kay is a very lucky girl!!
Thank you for sharing.


So happy that Kay has found a loving home. She is a beautiful dog and deserves all the love that is given to her. Thank you to her new family for giving her the attention she needs.

Bonnie Williams

I'm happy for Kay and the family. I wanted her the first time I saw her picture. I'm glad she's happy now.


She is just adorable. Thank you so much for opening your hearts to taking in a second dog to love. Rescues seem to know that they are special, and give us so much love. I have only owned rescues, and will continue to do so. God bless you and Kay.

Janet Cooper

Thank you for your love of dogs. I am happy to read of Kay's rescue and happy new life. We need to support shelter animals and stop euthanizing them. We need to have Sanctuaries located on large pieces of land where animals can live in large enclosures with others so that they have companions. They should also be able to have access to the outdoors-be able to walk on dirt and grass, and lie under trees if they want. I believe that if we partnered shelters with sanctuaries there would be more animals who would be saved (even if they are not adoptable, for what ever reason) and wouldn't that be a lovely legacy?


I love hearing stories like that! I'm sure Kay will enjoy a long, happy life with her new pet parents and living in the country.

Project Hope An...

That would be a lovely legacy and that is exactly what we do! We are located on 30 acres of land way out in the country. It is priceless to see a dog that was sitting on death row on a cold cement floor transform to a playful, bouncy dog once they are out in the country air.

Eileen Bellamah

Great story and thanks Leete family for giving Kay such a good life. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone went out and adopted a rescue today? I did this a few years ago and this darling dog thanks me every day. Rescues are so apperciative! Please pass the word!!!

Patricia Walker

I can see how you could fall in love at first sight. Always good to hear a story with a happy ending.

Jaime Perez

This is a feel good story. I'm so happy for Kay. She is living the good life now. Bless her parents for loving her so much.