Check Out Spike’s Photo Shoot…Then Help Us Write His Happy Ending

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 12:00pm
Happy brindle pit bull terrier

Goofy ASPCA adoptable Spike is sweet, playful and very affectionate. He’d love nothing more than a long game of fetch followed by a cuddle session with his special people, and he’s available right now. Recently, our photographer snapped Spike at play at our Adoption Center in NYC, and we wanted to share the results with you. Check out his album on Facebook.

Can’t adopt Spike? He still really needs your help. He’s a great dog who deserves a family, and we’d love it if you’d spread the word about him. Here’s why:

At the ASPCA, Spike is a staff favorite. Everyone’s had a chance to fall in love with him because he’s been with us for nearly two years—longer than any other dog currently in our care. Spike came to us through our Humane Law Enforcement department in 2011. Back then, Spike was emaciated and undersocialized, afraid of most new people and things.

Dog playing catch with ball

Naturally, as soon as he was medically ready, our behavior counselors set to work socializing this special guy. They took him to new places, like the park and on busy streets. They introduced him to many volunteers so he could learn how great people can be. Before long, Spike blossomed into a dog who couldn’t wait to shower his favorite staffers with kisses.

Behavior counselors also taught Spike basic manners, and he eagerly showed us how smart he is, learning Sit and Drop It very quickly. Due to chronic lung disease, Spike needed an inhaler for a time, and he shocked behavior counselors with how fast he learned to use it. (Today, Spike no longer requires an inhaler.) Late last year, Spike became eligible for adoption. He’s been waiting for his family ever since.

Brindle pit bull laying on floor with toys

So what gives? Why hasn’t Spike found a home? (We ask ourselves these questions all the time.) He’s shy with new people, and sometimes when Spike sees adopters through the glass of his habitat, he barks his unique, hoarse-sounding bark at them. Understandably, that can make some people feel unwelcome and move along to other dogs.

It’s a shame those folks miss out on Spike, though. He’d so like to get to know them better—just slowly. That’s why we’re asking you to share Spike with all your social networks. Together we have the power to write Spike’s happy ending. What are you waiting for?

Spike would love a teens-and-up home. He loves to play with other dogs, but can play a bit rough, so a resident dog would need to be up for that. To learn more about adopting Spike, check out his page.

Dog jumping to catch ball

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dead cell

Hey kris, just so you know - there are others that were bred to fight. Here's a list for you, and stop watching Fox News...

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You ran right through R onto S and failed to mention the mush of a Rottweiler, I had and loved for over 11 yrs. I feel insulted.


Hi my name is Alyson as u can see and i'm 11 in 6th grade and i just think spike deserves a home and u people out there that want a dog should go to the ASPCA and adopt spike i'm just saying this because i think he's cute and i love animals and i want to work here when i'm older but i have to many animals but if i didn't i would adopt him so u guys should go to the ASPCA and adopt him

FROM:Alyson w.


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