Check Out the Latest Flick from!

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 1:45pm

Attention pet parents, there is new gadget on the market geared solely to putting an end to pet fornication. The Gas Girdle is a comfy-to-wear farting machine produced by our very own pet purity crusaders at So how does it work? Simply strap the Gas Girdle around your pet’s abdomen, hide…and wait. As soon as you catch him getting ready for some serious action, press the remote control button to produce one of several different farting sounds. Tada! The dirty deed is averted—at least till the next time.

“We all know the biggest turnoff during sex is farting,” says Joey of “That’s why we created the Gas Girdle. They’re cool. They’re comfortable. And we’re pretty sure they’re going to put an end to animal overpopulation—at least until everyone spays or neuters their pets.”

Through a series of slapstick video escapades, Joey continues to spread his “StopChasingTail” campaign in effort to help end pet overpopulation.