Charlie Sheen Pays for Injured Teen’s Dog

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 2:15pm
puppy sitting on grass

We have to admit we were a bit surprised when we heard about Charlie Sheen’s generosity to a Wisconsin teen coping with severe injuries.

Last week, the Associated Press reported, the actor wired 15-year-old Teagan Marti $10,000 to help her family pay for a Golden Retriever puppy that will be specially trained to help her with her specific needs.

Marti sustained multiple injuries in 2010 in a 100-foot fall from an amusement park ride in Wisconsin. She spent months in hospitals undergoing physical therapy to regain some use of her arms and legs.

Of course, Marti chose to name her new pooch Charlie.

We’re wondering: Does this affect your opinion of Charlie Sheen?

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I think it's wonderful that Charlie Sheen helped out this poor girl. I do have 1 question - why does it cost so much for a service dog? Maybe we should be asking how the cost can be made more managable for the average person!!

BJ Simmons

Its good to see that some of the stars that get paid more money than most of us will ever see help someone else.

Ted E. Bear

Yes this news of Charlie Sheen helping that teenager does alter mt opinion of him. Now he's truly #winning my approval.


i have always like charlie. i remember him in ferris buellers day off playing the sexy bad boy, platoon and two and half men. way to go charlie. that girl will remember your gift for the rest of her life.

Danielle Juoden...

"You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child or an animal"


Yes, it does change my opinion. He has gotten some really bad press, and I have been to quick to believe the hype and pass judgement. I apologize to Charlie, and I commend him for his generosity. Hope he continues to do good things and gain satisfaction from doing so. God bless you Charlie.