Charlie Sheen Pays for Injured Teen’s Dog

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 2:15pm
puppy sitting on grass

We have to admit we were a bit surprised when we heard about Charlie Sheen’s generosity to a Wisconsin teen coping with severe injuries.

Last week, the Associated Press reported, the actor wired 15-year-old Teagan Marti $10,000 to help her family pay for a Golden Retriever puppy that will be specially trained to help her with her specific needs.

Marti sustained multiple injuries in 2010 in a 100-foot fall from an amusement park ride in Wisconsin. She spent months in hospitals undergoing physical therapy to regain some use of her arms and legs.

Of course, Marti chose to name her new pooch Charlie.

We’re wondering: Does this affect your opinion of Charlie Sheen?

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Alan Milgrim

People are complicated and even Charle Sheen has many sides. This was a nice thing to do.

Cathy cox

Yes, I guess he does have a heart. Anyone that would do something like giving 10,000 $ to an unknown person couldn't be all that bad after all. God Bless him and the family with the injured child.


It's nice to see/hear those with big money can give to those in need. Thank you Charlie.


Perhaps everything that has been told about Charlie Sheen he is a generous man this is not the first time he helps someone this way, im not a fan of him but im glad he do these kind of things...

Go Charlie!


ABSOLUTELY! i dont see beyonce or the stupid kardashians donating money...i see them prancing around in animal skins though....

kimberly Hartness

I'm not surprised at all about Charlie's help. He may be a wild child in the eyes of hollywood, but underneath I believe he's a kind hearted person.

I love Charlie's movies and TV shows even though I live my life differently than his and the presence of his kindness and generosity for others has always been present. He has always done kind things like this, not for reputation, but because he has a big heart... at least that's how I see it.


i've always loved Charlie Sheen, sure he has his faults, but don't we all!


Yes, I am impressed. People sometimes make bad decisions but it doesn't mean they don't have a good heart.


Well no one ever said he wasn't generous. Even his co-stars on Two and a Half men always commented on how kind he is! Takes a special person to do this for someone! God love you Charlie perhaps you have taken a new path to self medication by acts of kindness!