Challenge Kickoff Weekend: 2,700+ Animals Find Homes in Two Days

Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 10:00am
tiny kitten

In an exciting weekend of pet adoption events nationwide, 50 animal shelters kicked off the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge by finding loving forever homes for more than 2,700 animals. From California to Maine, adopters visited local shelters to show their support for the Challenge and went home with furry best friends of all shapes and sizes.

Here are some of the highlights from this fur-filled weekend:

When Bangor Humane Society had just one puppy left in the building, Ike—previously accompanied by his brother, Spike—the Maine agency promised his adopter a special surprise. "Spike and Ike's adoption fees were paid for by their foster parents, in turn making their adoption fees free to their new families," BHS explained to its Facebook fans. "Because of this, BOTH of Spike and Ike's adoptive families decided to pay it forward, and pay for the adoptions of two other dogs that are still in the building!”

In what turned out to be a very successful partnership, the Flagler Humane Society teamed up with local groomer Animal House Groomers, which helped transform some of the scruffier pets into adorable candidates for adoption during kick-off weekend event. The groomers worked makeover magic on this lucky pup, Scrapie, who later found a loving home.

Beyonce, a pretty pup rescued from an inhumane situation, was one of 122 adoptions at Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center over the course of the weekend. “Although her adoption was free today,” the Pennsylvania agency told its Facebook fans, “she had a $50 sponsorship, and her adopter left an additional $250!”

Riddler was one of several friendly felines to find forever homes at Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society during kick-off weekend, thanks to his excited new pet parents (also pictured).

Stay tuned to for all the news about the 2012 Challenge!

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As the proud "mom" of two rescued cats (one of whom followed me home from a walk and never left!) and also two rescued dogs (one was living wild w/ nine pups, all of whom had to be live-trapped over 3 wks., - the Humane Society in Toledo (OH) adopted out all the pups and Save-A-Pet, also in Toledo, covered the costs of treating the mother dog for heartworm and spaying her, allowing me to have the most wonderful, sweet, loving dog!), I congratulate ALL the shelters, their hard-working and dedicated staff, and ALL the new parents who took home their forever new loves, to fulfill homes and hearts!!

barbara Salisbury

I encourage anyone who loves animals-or if you've never had one- to adopt from the Humane Society or other organization that adopts healthy pets.All of my dogs have been adopted in this way and every one has been a delight.


The joy I feel in my heart when I read so many touching stories from animal lovers is amazing. I feel blessed to be a member of ASPCA and I will feel even more blessed when God provide me the opportunity so that I can have as much pets as possible in my dream ranch a ranch no for my own but for those beautiful God's creatures that are looking for love and a home.

God bless each one of the animal lovers,


JoAnn Graham

After two of our cats passed away in 2005 and 2006 we were both heart broken. We had Sammy and Petey for 10 & 11yrs. Tiger and Pepper were adopted at 7mths old from the Tampa Humane Society by us in November 2008. What's so special about these two cats they both had the same personalities as our former pets Sammy and Petey. In 2008 at the shelter there was a large room where 50 cats lived like king and queens. Before we entered I saw at the window an orange and white cat named Tiger who was looking at us intensly. When we walked into the room my husband went to the far end of the room in the corner to sit. Tiger ran like the speed of light and jumped on his lap and purred. Immediatley my husband had tears in his eyes and smiling, I was so happy to see him smile it mad me cry too. The orange and white cat looked exactly like our Sammy who was my husbands best friend and followed him every where like a puppy dog. We knew it had to be him so we renamed Tiger to "Little Sammy". It looked like Little Sammy found who he was waiting for and it was my husband. Then I found Pepper who reminded me of Petey. She was born not able to "Meow" only "Squeak"and was a nervous kitten. We both fell for each other in a minute. It was the best decision we made to adopted these two lovable and gentle cats. If you deeply love animals don't wait to adopt. There are so many cats and dogs who need to be loved. We hope to have our two for a long time, they are part of our family. I want to thank our shelter for making our lives enriched again.


I became a foster mom after my 3 babies passed all within one year. 1 dog 17years and 2 cats 13 years old. Well needless to say my 4 fosters I adopted. Now I have 6 cats and 2 dogs. Fostering is also a great way to help. The shelters need bottle feeders and care givers. What a rewarding feeling it was to put that bottle in their little mouths. I thought if I did not do this these babies would not be hear today. Please consider fostering as well as adopting.

Cheryl Dare

I winced when I read that a Shi-Tzu mix had been named Scrapie. I've no idea oabout the origin of his name, but Scrapie is the name of a disease in both sheep and cattle and is actually Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy


Two cats - both adopted - one stray who adopted me and another I adopted from the county animal shelter. All three of us loving life, and have never looked back!


I am the mother of 5 adopted cats. And boy am l crazy about them as they are about me.l am called the crazy cat lady(because of all the strays I feed)to all you cat lover's out therekeep loving your feline friends. For you will be rewarded in Kitty heaven


Two weeks ago I adopted a 3-year-old Torti. She is super loving and a joy to have around. When I first saw her she was talking like a Siamese--she has never done that again. She had been in an ASPCA shelter for a month and was probably ready to find a home. Her new name is Pretty Peggy. My housekeeper says she ugly; that is the reason for the Pretty--to help her overcome any self-esteem issues.
She does have a chipped canine tooth. Would appreciate any prayers you can say that will allow the tooth to be okay.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so CUTE