Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17!

Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 2:30pm
black kitty

At the ASPCA, we LOVE black kitties—but the sad truth is that not everyone feels the same way. Due to outdated (and incorrect) myths and superstitions, black cats have a really hard time getting adopted. That’s why we were so glad to learn that this Sunday, August 17, is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

To celebrate this holiday, we put together just a few of the many reasons we appreciate these raven-coated kitties:

  • Black cats go with everything—and they’ll never go out of style!
  • You can tell your kids you adopted a miniature panther.
  • Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.
  • In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • Black cats are just as loving, sweet and wonderful as any other cat!

We hope you will join us in celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day by heading to your local shelter and bringing home a black cat this weekend. If you’re in the New York City area, come meet some the black cats available at the ASPCA Adoption Center right now:


Salem can be a bit shy with new people, but once he gets to know you, he’ll shower you with purrs, head-butts, and plenty of lap time. If properly introduced, this handsome 2-year-old can live in a home with another cat.

This sweet, soulful 4-year-old cat is ready for his forever home. He’s a bit nervous around other cats, so Pinky would do best in a home where he gets to be the only pet. He also has a soft spot for yummy treats!


Princess is a sensitive kitty and can be timid around new people. Once she relaxes, though, she is very sweet and enjoys petting. She will do best in a home with an experienced cat adopter and respectful kids ages 14 and up.

James and Gwendolyn

James and Gwendolyn
James (4) and Gwendolyn (6) are another bonded pair. These sweeties like attention, but they also appreciate their solitude from time to time. Both are FIV positive and would do best in a stable home with an experienced adopter.

Bernard and Minerva

Bernard and Minerva 
Bernard and Minerva are BFFs (Best Feline Friends), so they are looking for a home together. These four-month-old kitties would do best in a quiet home with respectful kids ages 12 and up.

8.18.14 Update: Bernard and Minerva were adopted!

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My Harry is a "gentle giant," whose longish black coat is especially thick and plush, and he loves to cuddle. There is no more sweet animal anywhere. I hope people will get over the silly superstition and adopt one of these wonderful ebony felines.


once you go black, you never go back!

Uncle Jeff

We adopted our black cat "IZZY" 2 1/2 years ago as a rescue kitten. He is the most fun-loving, playful of our 5 house cats. Can't keep him out of the bathroom sink!


Mine is named Panther and he's so smart he talks to me all the time and loves attention. Pets are like the people they live with.


I have a 5 year old black short haired domestic cat. When we adopted her 5 years ago I told the shelter We were only interested in adopting a black cat. This is our first cat my husband and I ever owned. But growing up I had 3 black cats and 1 gray one. I love black cats and couldn't imagine life without her. She's part of the family.


i have a black cat some people say they have curses but my cat is a sweet playful cat and i instantly loved him.these cats should be adopted fast.


My black cat picked me. I sat in the middle of the room filled with kittens and my little guy jumped in my lap and purred and rubbed his face in mine. It was a no brainer and he's been my side kick for 6 years :)


Sorry I missed this on the 17th but I adopted my solid black cat from the SPCA 6 years ago. Titten is an unbelievable pet. He only weighed 1.9 oz when I got him. He nursed on a dog for 3months. He does tricks that a dog does. He rolls over for treats....not something I've ever seen another cat do. I adopt from the SPCA again. Black cats rocks.

Bobbie Spinks

I, too, have a soft spot for black cats. My current cat, Shadow, adopted me on a very cold Christmas Eve night, 2005. He followed my voice to find me as I talked with a neighbor at her house that overlooked their pond. As the tiny voice got louder, I realized he was trying to get to us, but got stopped at the edge of the pond. I got a flashlight and went down the hill to find him. Shining the light into the darkness, all I could see were 2 golden eyes! A 10-wk.-old kitten came running towards me, 'talking' to me the whole time as if to say, 'Thank goodness! I didn't think you would EVER get here!' He jumped into my arms and started purring and kneading my shoulder and 'talked' to me all the way back to the house. I took him home immediately, where he would not let me out of his sight---hence, the name 'Shadow', not for his shiny solid black color, but for the way he followed me EVERYWHERE!!! Shadow has been a member of our family ever since. He is nice enough to let us live in his house, that he reluctantly shares with our dog Banjo, also an adopted stray. He has never stopped his constant 'talking' and is never more than a step away from me at any time, unless he is sleeping. Although he doesn't sleep with me all night, he does come up and tuck me into the bed every night. I absolutely love his unique personality and the bond we have shared from day one. He is unlike any other cat who has owned me in the past, of which, 3 have been solid black. My Shadow is such a blessing and is MOST definitely appreciated by myself and my husband!!! So, I will be very happy to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on Sept. 17, along with all of the other black cat appreciators in the world!!!! Thank you for honoring these wonderful felines with their very own day of appreciation!!!!!


Black cats are awesome! I adopted mine 12 years ago this month, and she is nothing but the cutest, sweetest, love of my life! And I love how everything on her is black...her nose, pads, whiskers...and she goes with everything in my apartment. I would encourage anyone to adopt a black kitty.