Cats Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills—Join Them!

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 12:00pm

Cats across America are mad as hell. Why are they so angry? Just like us, cats are tired of the way their canine pals (yes, cats and dogs do get along!) are being treated in puppy mills. Cats are sensitive creatures, and they are sickened by the sight of puppy mill dogs living in tiny, cramped cages, suffering from malnutrition and neglect, and forced to bear litter after litter without a break.

So, what’s a cat to do? Our feline friends are wise: They’ve joined the ASPCA’s No Pet Store Puppies campaign! Cats have realized, along with over 100,000 people who have already signed the No Pet Store Puppies pledge, that all pet owners have the ability to help us put an end to puppy mills. They know that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, and they are throwing their support behind our pledge not to buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies. Cats are sending a clear message to humans everywhere—“go buy our toys and treats somewhere else!”

Join these smart cats today and support our efforts against puppy mills! Here’s what you can do:

  • First, take the No Pet Store Puppies pledge not to buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies!
  • After you’ve signed the pledge, share one of our new Cats Against Puppy Mills badges on your Facebook page, Pinterest board or other social media site.
  • Spread the word! Tell everyone you know to take the No Pet Store Puppies pledge, and Tweet your support by including the hashtag #CatsAgainstPuppyMills.
  • Finally, always make pet adoption your first option! Want a puppy? Visit your local shelter to meet your next furry friend, and be sure to buy your new companion’s treats, toys, food and other supplies at pet stores that don’t sell puppies!
  • Watch the video...and share it! Check out the No Pet Store Puppies' mascot as he schools customers in a pet store that sells puppies!

To learn more about the ASPCA’s work to end the inhumane practices of puppy mills, please visit

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james a hughes

why do puppy mills even still exist?


That's what I'm wondering, but in my opinion it's because the people who have the most power to stop these things are also the people who care the least about these things.

J. David Scott

These things are an anachronism. Abolish them!

Sarah Menez

Puppy mills are cruel. They should be abolished

Brenda DiTrapani

I agree that puppy mills are one of the worst things that can happy to any dog or puppy, but let's not forget that cats and kittens suffer the same cruelty and abuses in "Kitten Mills"!!!


So true, kitten mills don't seem to get as much attention as puppy mills have been getting. Both need to be stopped now, because millions of cats and dogs are killed in shelters and this is one factor to the pet overpopulation. The way to end them is to show the people in power we want it to end, so sign the petitions, there are a few if you google it. Like this one:

Jaime Perez

I really hate the fact that puppy mills still exist. Why can't they ALL be shut down completely? Animals should not be used for profit, in any form!


adopt a pet instead of buying pets from stores - there are many homeless pets at shelters that need home. stop supporting puppy mills by buying dogs. cats also have the same issue, but it is not as widely known.


The government is not doing enough to keep these animals safe. and these people who are convicted of animal cruelty acts aren't taken serious. They usually are sentenced and by the next year they are already back home ! this is outrageous these poor animals being abused and neglected and the government cant even give them a voice! STOP CRUELTY!


Horrid practice by greedy and ignorant people. Penalties should be harsh. Adoption is the way to go....