Cancer Survivor Needs a New Home

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 4:00pm

After undergoing surgeries to treat not one but two types of cancer, Mystery was exhausted. And yet, each time this Shepherd mix saw her favorite person at ASPCA Animal Hospital, her big brown eyes lit up and her tail began to thump. 

That’s typical behavior from this big-hearted dog. She’s friendly to everyone, and especially so to her special people.

“She has a great disposition,” says ASPCA licensed veterinary technician Carol Algarin. “She was always friendly, even when we knew she was uncomfortable.”

Mystery came to the ASPCA through our Humane Law Enforcement department, and we soon discovered she had a mammary gland tumor and a spindle cell tumor on her flank area. (Our vets believe the chance of recurrence is low.) But through her treatments, she maintained her sweet demeanor, good attitude and fondness for cuddling.

Carol isn’t Mystery’s only fan. Our Media team loved her so much that they brought her on the Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough on NBC! There, she demonstrated that she could Sit and Lie Down. (She’s a really smart girl.)

If you are looking for a dog with whom to form a very strong bond, Mystery is an excellent choice. We adore her here, but we want to see her in the loving home she deserves. Mystery can live with other dogs and children ages six and up.

To adopt Mystery, please call our Animal Placement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900. And please share Mystery on Facebook and Twitter! Let’s get her the family she longs for.

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Lisa Blanchard

I have a male blue healer who was raised with a bull terrier and she passed away 4 years ago. He loves other dogs. I would love to adopt her. Not sure where she is, or if it is possible to get her.


Hope someone adopts him soon.

Susan Northrup

Mystery looks just like my 10 year old dog Coco.Coco is also a rescue dog that I have had for 9 years. Coco is such a loyal and sweet dog and she is always so friendly, but she is also a great watch dog. I hope Mystery finds a great loving home.


It's great that Misty has made recovery from cancer. I can understand her situation since my wonderful canine pass in 2007-- we both had lymphoma. When she was diagnosed, it just broke my heart. She had chemo, which was fine for a few months but she was out of remission and I lost her four months after my dad It was so heartbreaking and still miss her so much these days. Of course, she had all the cancer symptoms I have. In addition, we just lost another loving dog, Heidi, to cancer this year. You go Misty!!! Have you ever thought of combining the cancer society events with your pets who has cancer as well? Our pets, especially dogs, receive the same type of treatment and we consider them part of the family.


that dog is so sweet i had a dog like that but i had to give it away and i hope they took care of it:'(