Calling All Foodies: Little Lola Is Your Kindred Spirit

Friday, May 18, 2012 - 3:45pm

Hello! Do you have a snack? A dog treat? Just a small, delicious morsel? Could you maybe just give that to Lola? OK, you guys are now BFFs for life.

It's really that simple with our crazy-adorable lap dog Lola, who has been patiently waiting at our Adoption Center for longer than we really understand. A Chihuahua through and through, Lola wants to sit on your lap and be unwaveringly loyal and close to you. (Especially if you have something tasty for her.)

Frankly, we're not sure how anyone could resist her sweet face, tiny paws and penchant for affection. Maybe people are a little wary of her age—nine—but that’s barely middle-aged for a Chihuahua, and she has all the energy and spirit of a pup of three. Like most Chi Chis, she needs a little time to get to know a person before falling in love with them, but that amount of time is really short. (It's basically however long it takes you to produce a treat.)

There's a song in Damn Yankees that goes, "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets," and that's been true for her at the ASPCA Adoption Center—but the one thing our Lola really wants, to go home at last, remains a wish unfulfilled.

Can you give her the life she deserves? (And can you hook her up with lots of treats? Seriously, she'll do anything you ask. For treats.) Learn more about her on her page and please share her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you think you’d like to adopt her, please call our Animal Placement department in NYC at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.

Thank you for helping Lola find a family!

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Robert Lambert

Is there any way we could get her from NYC to Norwood, NY. I currently have a male Chihuahua and a female Rat Terrier/Toy Fox Terrier mix. I think Lola would be a great addition to our family. Thank you.

Joseph Z

I would TOTALLY take Lola, I have a pug and a pom/westie mix and I think that they definitely need another playmate. My Pom mix (Maisy) always wears out my pug (Roger). Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin, but if you know of any smaller dogs available in the area, I would be more than happy to set-up a meeting for my dogs.


Oh... she looks so sweet! But sadly 2 dogs are enough for our family taking care of 2 puppies are a lot of work! But if I could I'd adopt all the homeless dogs in the world and find them homes but thanks to the ASPCA that is starting to take action! Thank you!

Meg Hosler

Lola seems like a sweetheart and a lot of fun! We live on the North Shore of MA in a nice size home on and acre of land near parks, beaches and walking trails. Our two children are teens and we have a nine year old female English Pointer and a one year old male Papillon. If Lola likes other dogs, I think that she would be very happy living here. Please e-mail me if she is still available for adoption. Thank you!!!!!


Hi I am an Aussie living in Western Australia and have just read the report on Joplin after the Tornado... and the Adoptathon. Just want to say you guys are awesome... I am still shedding tears after reading about your efforts. So great to hear that humanity and compassion are in abundance in your part of the world. cheers Nikki

Anita Lara

How can the state of Missouri not count therapy pets for people that have doctors lettler stating they need the dogs as therapy for depression, angiaty, and other medical issues when the coun ted them for two years as a medical expence. I need an avocate to help me and my therapy dogs as we feel we have been wronged by the system. I have also emailed my local senator without any response.PLEASE HELP


Is Lola really still waiting for a home?? I have been thinking of her since last May and can't believe nobody has adopted her yet :( Please email me, I would like to help.