The California Chihuahuas Have Landed!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 3:45pm

On March 1, the ASPCA Adoption Center welcomed a dozen Chihuahuas from California who arrived in the Big Apple in search of new forever homes. The dogs started their journey at the City of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, and their in-cabin transportation was donated by Virgin Airlines. After some post-travel rest and relaxation, the tiny pups will be made available for adoption next week at the ASPCA in Manhattan.

Over the past few years, California shelters have seen a dramatic increase in Chihuahua intakes—this toy breed now makes up nearly one-third of the state’s shelter dog population. While demand for Chihuahuas has declined in much of the Golden State, their popularity in New York City is as high as ever.

Benji was adopted!

This isn’t the first time the ASPCA has opened our doors to Left Coast pooches. In January 2010, we welcomed 15 dogs to our Manhattan headquarters in the first-ever Operation Chihuahua."We are glad to be given this opportunity to help New Yorkers get the small dogs they want, and at the same time, help find loving homes for San Francisco’s homeless animals," said Gail Buchwald, ASPCA Senior Vice President, at the time.

The latest group of dogs range in age, although most of them are young adults and on the shy side. They require quiet homes with experienced dog parents and no young children under age 10. Once they are made available, adoption fees will be $200 per dog, and will include all medical and behavioral treatments, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and a microchip.

For additional information, please visit or call our special hotline at (212) 876-7700, ext. 3210.

Dexter was adopted!