Caboodle Cats Get Ready for Adoption

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 11:45am

After last month’s victory for Caboodle’s kitties, the ASPCA got right to work preparing for their eventual adoption.

Our first step, naturally, was to begin the process of ensuring that each cat was spayed or neutered. With that in mind, we sent the ASPCA National Spay/Neuter Project team to our temporary shelter in Jacksonville. Working with University of Florida veterinarians, the team performed surgery on every unaltered cat on the premises, save a number who were not yet healthy enough.

The spayed and neutered cats included roughly 20 kittens born to cats who were pregnant when we rescued them, and we’ve confirmed from our sources on the ground that they’re extremely adorable. Says Communities Manager Marta Arroyo of the National Spay/Neuter team, “These kittens will have no problems getting adopted!”

Adds Arroyo, “There are some really sweet cats here, and they’re all really cute.”

Our dedicated responders and volunteers have made all the difference for these kitties since we rescued them from Caboodle Ranch in February. The Spay/Neuter team reports that the cats are steadily gaining back their health and strength, and that it’s clear that they’ve made vast improvements during their time in the temporary shelter.

“These cats are definitely getting better and getting ready, and I hope they can join families soon,” says Arroyo. “They all deserve good homes.”

Stay tuned to for updates on the Caboodle Ranch cats.